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The information provided by a float plan assists the U.S. Coast Guard and other rescue personnel locate you if you are presumed missing. A float plan can be ...

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A float plan should: Describe the vessel, including its registration number, length, make, horsepower, and engine type. State where you are going, the detailed ...

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If you are delayed and it is not an emergency, inform the person with your float plan to avoid an unnecessary search. FLOAT PLAN. 1. Name of person filing this  ...

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FLOAT PLAN. INSTRUCTIONS: Complete this plan before you go boating and leave it with a reliable person who can be depended upon to notify the Coast ...

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If you plan a longer cruise, leave a copy of a written float plan with your marina, yacht ... or you can generate a customized form using our Float Plan template.

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The purpose of filing a float plan is to provide importantinformation in case of an emergency. ... What information should be included in a Float Plan? The date ...

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A float plan lets your family and friends know your whereabouts and, should a trip come to grief, the plan will give the searchers a head start locating your boat.

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Why should you take the time to prepare a float plan? The answer is simple... there are just too many facts that need to be accurately remembered and ultimately ...

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A float plan can and should include all of the following information: name, address, and phone number of trip leader; name and number of all passengers, ...

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The importance of filing a Float Plan before heading out on the boat. Includes info to ... Your Float Plan should include the following information: Your boat ...