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A rough estimate for sizing an air conditioner or heat pump unit is 600-650 square ... you would divide 1400 by 650 to get 2.1, indicating the need for a 2-ton unit. ... A licensed HVAC contractor should perform a load calculation to determine the ...

AC 4 Life - FAQ's - Sizing Your System - Heat Pumps


Jun 14, 2016 ... How do I size a heat pump and the supplemental heating element for my .... Remember, we need 58,000 BTU's to properly heat our example ...

Heat Pump Tips - Sizing Selection & Installation Information on Heat ...


Feb 24, 2014 ... How do I size a heat pump and the supplemental heating element for my ... What if I need help with the installation or just have questions?

Sizing Calculator for Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and ...


The following technique can provide you with an approximate size estimate for your new furnace or central air conditioner. Although you may reasonably use ...

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The correct size improves comfort and reduces costs ... Determining the correct size of residential heating and ... an air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump is.

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Use Trane's product selector to determine the right system for you and your home . All it takes is three simple steps.

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Do 4 ton units really need 15kW heat strips? ... IF you only put in 10KW, (around 35Kbtuh of heat) you will need the heat pump to be able to handle .... is now possitve presure and tight with only 2% air leakage can be noisey.

How to i calculate Heat Pump supplemental heat for service size ...


For instance, a 3 ton heat pump will have a capacity of 36.0 kbtu/h of ... you would need a 10 kW heat strip but why would someone put a 10 kW ...

Heat Pump Guide


If you install a SEER 15 heat pump on an old leaky duct system, it will not ... 12,000 BTU's per hour is one ton of heating or cooling capacity. ... This is done with “heat strips” which come on to supplement the heat output of the refrigerant cycle. ... If the manual J load calculation shows the home will have 38,000 BTUs per ...

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Q: How to Choose a Heat Pump | eHow
A: Size your home to determine the exact size of heat pump you will require. Heat pump sizes range from one and a half to five tons. To adequately size the home ... Read More »
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Q: What Sizes of AC Units Do I Need for 1,900 Square Foot Houses ...
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