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A tearoom or tea shop is a small restaurant where beverages and light meals are served, usually having a sedate or subdued atmosphere. Establishments like this in various countries around the world can be ... Victorian Britain[edit] ... Tea rooms of all kinds were widespread in Britain by the 1950s, but in the following ...


Sunday shopping or Sunday trading refers to the ability of retailers to operate stores on Sunday, a day that Christian tradition typically recognises as a day of rest. Rules governing shopping hours, such as Sunday shopping, vary around the ..... Most convenience stores and general stores were open on Sunday, even if only in ...


Below 1876 Victorian England describes the stores and storekeepers during the ... Some also were street sellers who walked around selling items from baskets ...


Mar 20, 2014 ... Gun merchants — These shops were found on many a Victorian ... Yet these supermarkets actually began their lives in the Victorian period and ...


Nov 17, 2013 ... Large supermarkets did not exist at the time, resulting in people purchasing ... in a small store whereas shop assistants were needed in bigger stores. ... amount of crime committed in the Victorian era was nowhere near low.


Shops and Shopping in Britain: from market stalls to chain stores. Professor Gerard M .... exclusive shops were found around St. James. Some of .... The most iconic specialist shops that flourished in the Victorian period were jewelers, chemists ...


In looking in particular at the five stores in northern and midland England listed in Table 1, I want to ... a shop at 1 Angel Street near the town's market place on 12 May.


Feb 2, 2015 ... Before department stores were commonplace shopping was a leisure ... pursuit changed in the second half of the Victorian era as increased social ... and from around the mid-19th century the department store - boomed.