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What Should Be On A Business Card For Small Businesses | Small ...


Should you put anything on the back of a business card? ... around the topic of what job title to use on a business card when you own a small business. Typically  ...

Why You Shouldn't Put Your Title on a Business Card - Successful ...


Apr 10, 2014 ... Leaving the title off your business card is a great (and free) way to remind yourself ... I agree that one should not put his title on a business card.

You own the biz? Whats the title on your business card? - Reddit


Jan 26, 2013 ... Currently working on my first business card and was wondering what title would be... ... way too serious for me and I was wondering what else could I put on. ... Really though, the idea of a title should be related to your actual ...

10 Business Card Mistakes You Might Be Making - Tim's Strategy


Jul 26, 2012 ... Everyone should have a business card, right? ... If you put your brand promise on the back, you can hand someone your card with that side facing up (and saying the brand ... Design for the longest possible name or title.

Finding The Perfect Title For Your Business Card | Printwand™


The title you put on your business card has the potential to make you look very ... rules written in stone regarding the title you should use on your business card.

7 Tips on What Information to Put on Your Business Card - Tuts+


Nov 9, 2015 ... What about your job title? As a freelancer, entrepreneur, or solopreneur you probably wear many hats in your business. Which one do you note ...

Why I Never Put A Title On My Business Card | HUSTLE BRANDING


Dec 13, 2012 ... This is my business card. ... 1- Do you put your title on your card? ... What Entrepreneurs Should NOT Do In Business Rule 45 Don't Pitch To ...

Should Your Job Title Be More Creative? - Mashable


Dec 10, 2011 ... These are all real job titles being used in the business world today, and according to data from online business card printer Moo.com, these ...

Top 6 Important Things To Add In Business Cards - DesignBolts


Nov 24, 2012 ... Business cards should also have some information regarding what you do. This information should be included in the title line. The title line can ...

9 Essential Elements of an Effective Business Card · 14 Clicks


Oct 3, 2011 ... Your name should be in the upper left corner so it's the first thing they read. Making it big and ... Your position or title within your company or organization. I put CEO on my first set of business cards. Looking back, calling myself ...

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Why You Shouldn't Include Your Job Title on Your Business Card


If you have ever received a business card from a person and it displays the title “ CEO” to describe a multitude of important roles, be aware that this can be a bit ...

Business Card Tips for Business Owners - SitePoint


Jul 8, 2014 ... What to put on business cards, how to format them, and where to leave them once they're ready to go. ... When ordering those business cards, you might stumble at the job title phase. Are you a ... Where do you put them?

What Title Should I Give Myself? | Small business forums. Come on ...


Jan 5, 2013 ... As a newbie in business, my first instinct when I put my business cards and other marketing paraphernalia together was to "play down" my title.