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Jun 6, 2017 ... Can you donate college textbooks? ... Goodwill is a national organization to which you can donate used books, clothes, and household goods.


We have a book sale twice a year, and we do get textbooks donated. ... The goodwill I used to work for would recycle books they couldn't sell so maybe ... when I was in college some professors had us use older textbooks for ...


To get rid of your old books, you can either sell them, donate them, or use a few other handy tricks. .... Sell your college textbooks to the college book store.


Donate used textbooks to create an impact. Textbooks for Change provides affordable and accessible educational material to students across the globe.


Why Sell Books To Us? Do you need a quick, easy, safe, and convenient way to sell used books and college textbooks for cash?


I have some older college textbooks from the early to mid 1990s; is there conceivable market for these, or should I just throw 'em in the recycle bin?


Mar 31, 2010 ... Can anyone offer suggestions on what to do with old college text books? I've looked ... You could also try half.com I used to sell textbooks there.


Apr 10, 2014 ... Textbooks can present some difficulties when it comes to recycling, but ... Back when I was in college, buying new textbooks was one of my ... The glue used in book's binding can also be a hang-up for recycling companies.


Consider donating your used books to one of these 10 organizations. ... The group purchases your used books and cuts you a check, which you can give to the .... They tell college campuses to hold textbook drives, and students donate their ...


Recycle Textbooks. Clear your shelves, get unused books back into circulation. Textbook Recycle accepts annotated, resource manuals, study guides, etc.