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A mask used in ngil magic ceremonies of the Fang people of Gabon. In most traditional African cultures, the person who wears a ritual mask conceptually .... Physical characteristics of African Triba...

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Mar 23, 2008 ... In other cases, the art of making masks and sculptures to be used in spiritual ... The Goma African mask was produced by people living near Lake ... captures what is considered a beautiful female face by Gabon's Punu tribe.

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Nov 26, 2012 ... The tribes of Sierra Leone made use of such masks. ... Goma Mask: Origin of the Goma Mask can be traced in what is today's Democratic ...

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West African Art | AFRICAN MASK Belt Buckle Tribal Art Review ... Personally I'd be inclined to hang this on a wall rather than wear it $180 on Etsy ... Goma Masks , Masks Africans, Africans Culture, Africans Masks Lessons, Clip Art, African ...

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Jun 6, 2013 ... African mask of the Goma tribe made with paper mache clay (joint compound, shredded paper, linseed oil, glue-all). Hand painted in deep ...

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Masks of Africa are a great gift idea for the African couple. ... Biombo mask; Bwa mask; Gold masks; Goma mask; Ligbi mask; Lulua mask; Punu mask ... We use a hardwood known as sese for carving the masks. ... Mr.Delanyo uses manual tools to carve the mask from sese wood and the face bears tribal markings, which are ...

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A mask is more then a piece of wood it can transform a dancer with costume into a ... African tribal art, Punu Mask, Biombo Mask, Goma Mask, Bwa Plank Mask, ...

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Young maiden mask "mwana pwo", D. R. Congo, Chokwe ... minor missing parts, traces of usage; stools with elaborate figurative scenes are designed as ... Related to the Bembe and Boyo groups, the Goma reside in small villages along the ...

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Feb 5, 2015 ... The use of the masks is determined by the master of the Go society. ... The arts of the Goma are rare and often confused with that of their ... (also Gwere, or Ngere) tribe live nearby in the southwest corner of the Ivory Coast.

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Traditional African Masks come from the Basangu Tribe of The Congo. 1 like 3 repins ... Use Your Coloured Pencils: African Mask Collages. 3 repins ... African Masks - Goma Mask: this site has a ton of African masks and info on them. 1 like 1 ...

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Goma masks are characterised by their domed heads. ... We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. By using our ... Goma Tribal Territory. Goma ...

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As a tribal and ceremonial mask, the Goma mask also had a series of patterns ... African masks were used during special occasions in the local culture and worn ...

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The Goma occupy a small area at the northwestern end of Lake Tanganyika. They produce masks and shield-like carvings which are remarkable for their ...

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May 23, 2013 ... The Goma African mask was produced by people living near Lake Tanganyika, ... Ligbi masks are used as part of Islamic holiday celebrations. ... that each culture has created a unique version to represent the spirit of its tribe.

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the goma people hahahahaha. ... What tribe the the African goli mask belong to? ... The Luba tribe masks are used for connecting to the spirit world and ...