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Although the Victorians firmly believed in punishing criminals, they faced a problem: ... There were fewer hangings, and sentences for petty crime were getting lighter. ... Types of Punishment - Hanging Hanging was the most severe punishment for ... of a person's freedom has been used since ancient times as a punishment.

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The Victorian period saw great changes in how people were caught, arrested and charged ... Transportation was an alternative punishment to hanging. ... and trading names of East of England Broadband Network (Company Registration No .

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Victorian citizens were worried about the rising crime rate. ... December 1895) depicts the unpopularity of the police who were viewed at times as a civilian army .

Victorian children in trouble with the law - The National Archives


Before Victorian times no distinction was made between criminals of any age. ... In 1854 Reformatory Schools were set up for offenders under 16 years old. ... Another form of Victorian punishment was transportation to a penal colony in a ...

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What was London's judicial system like during the Victorian Era? What were the .... Also, many cases that were controversial showed up in this type of courtroom.

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May 3, 2010 ... <br />Punishments were harsh before the Victorian era. ... <br />All longer sentences often included a form of hard labor and a transportation ...

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Birching as a punishment for minor crimes was abolished in Britain in 1948. ... In the 16th and 17th centuries 'witches' in England were usually hanged but in Scotland and most of Europe they were ... Garroting was a form of strangulation.

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Feb 17, 2011 ... Were the Victorians right to think that crime was in decline? ... From the middle of the nineteenth century the annual publication of Judicial Statistics for England and Wales ... But violent crime in the form of murder and street robbery never ... punishment as a penal sanction until well into the twentieth century.

BBC Bitesize - KS3 History - John Smith - Victorian young offender


May 3, 2013 ... John Smith - Victorian young offender ... and gives us an insight into the kind of punishments which were frequently used in Victorian times.

Going to School in Victorian Times - The Victorian School


Victorian School Day: a brief description. ... Going to School in Victorian Times ... having a college education, they learnt "on the job" in a sort of apprenticeship. ... Other punishments were given including lines and detentions, and some, if not ...

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Types of Punishment - Imprisonment - Victorian Crime and ...


Hanging and transportation were the main punishments for serious offences. ... by the Victorian era, prison had become an acceptable punishment for serious ...

Types of Punishment - Hanging - Victorian Crime and Punishment ...


Hanging was the most severe punishment for serious offences. ... These were the kinds of crime likely to be committed by people in most need, at a time ... the 3524 people sentenced to hang in England and Wales, only 1353 were for murder.

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Victorians were worried about the rising crime rate: offences went up from ... They were firm believers in punishment for criminals, but faced a problem: ... Do you think this kind of prison life would make people change their ways when they came out? ... In Victorian times, criminals were usually punished with hard labour,  ...