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An oil lamp is an object used to produce light continuously for a period of time using an ... In some specific types of lamps, there is a groove on the superior aspect of the nozzle that runs along to the pouring hole to re-collect the oozing oil from ...


The original oil used in a vintage rain lamp was Drakeol #35 oil, but it is difficult to find today. The most commonly-used oil replacement for a rain lamp is mineral ...


Rain Lamp: How Much Oil to Use. Rain Lamps hold approximately 1 to 3 pints of oil. There are a couple different types of oil that can be used in a Rain Lamp.


Does anyone Know what a Rain Lamp is besides me? ... My memory is lagging and I believe I used to fill it with mineral oil... I hope that is correct if someone knows otherwise please be kind enough to let me know? LOL


The oil used in rain lamps is typically mineral oil. In a rain lamp, oil falls from the storage area at the top of the lamp and down the strands that surround the ...


... liquid and water. I'm hoping that none of that leads to any kind of rusting. ... How much mineral oil do I use in a rain lamp? I have one that is ...


Vintage MINERAL OIL RAIN SWAG LAMP drop drip motion hanging chain light goddess ... Figure Vintage Working Modern Swag oil-rain light Large model- good used condition- good plug .... Sm Stand up EAGLE, 16x6 Unique one of a kind ...


Jan 5, 2014 ... They almost always had some kind of Venus sculpture in them, surrounded by ... ran rain lamp oil (which was pretty much mineral oil - any other kind of oil will gum ... For lighting, you used low wattage soft light of any colour.

Oct 7, 2006 ... Restored Rain Lamp from the 70's runs again for the first time in 20 years. ... When America Built Stuff: "Lady In Rain" Antique Mineral Oil Lamp ...


The rain lamp is filled with approximately 2 pints of oil that is pumped from the bottom of the ... Do not use too much oil, because it can overwhelm the pump.