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The reason for Clark's impact on popular culture was partly explained by Paul Anka, .... Dick Clark's longest running radio show began on February 14, 1982.

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Unlike the soap opera however, the radio broadcast format of playing recorded music developed as ... In effect, the recorded music was a commercial for itself. ... Soon thereafter, Dick Clark replaced him as the host of the televised program.

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Under Clark's influence, "Bandstand" became one of the most successful and ... Clark also had several radio programs, including "The Dick Clark National Music  ...

Alan Freed, Dick Clark and the Radio Payola Scandal


Aug 20, 2015 ... And labels recognized that popular disc jockeys could influence sales. ... Alan Freed and Dick Clark both played important parts in the rise of ...

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Apr 18, 2012 ... Beloved TV legend Dick Clark was just a teen when he began his career in radio and TV. Take a look back at his life, from hosting "American ...

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Apr 19, 2012 ... Will anyone be as influential over pop culture as Dick Clark was? ... DJs as Kings: Clark started off as a radio DJ on Philadelphia's WFIL station.

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Apr 19, 2012 ... When Dick Clark died Wednesday at age 82, he was remembered ... But his impact actually was a mixed bag. ... Duane Dudek | On TV/Radio ...

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Nicholas J. Verbitsky has been involved in the radio industry for over 30 years. With partner Dick Clark, Verbitsky founded United Stations, which grew into one of the .... Margaret moved to New York to pursue making an impact in the national  ...

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The death of the older brother he idolized has had a profound effect on Clark, who each ... In addition, the elder Clark, who was aware of Dick's interest in a radio ...

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By now most of us have heard of the death of an American icon, Dick Clark. ... Maybe none of us can fully understand the profound effect this man had on more ... hear and see rock's emerging idols in a way that radio and magazines could not.

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Richard Wagstaff Clark was born November 30, 1929 in Mount Vernon, New York. ... Using the name Dick Clark in 1952 he went to work for WFIL radio and ...

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Biography.com profiles the life of Dick Clark, legendary TV personality and producer, from ... Clark decided he wanted to pursue a career in radio in his early teens. ... Clark was able to use his influence to stifle divisive talk amongst viewers .

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Apr 18, 2012 ... Dick Clark: An indelible impact on American pop music .... “Others in radio might aspire to the title, but they had to follow what Dick Clark played ...

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Affectionately known as “America's oldest teenager,” Dick Clark was significant ... as a sales manager for an upstate New York radio station at the age of 17. ... an integral role in establishing rock and roll, keeping it alive and shaping its future.

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In the early 1950s, the record and radio industries started to decentralize, and a .... [xxiv] Even after the show went off the air, Dick Clark worked to maintain ...