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An orphanage is a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans—children whose .... Children living in orphanages for prolonged periods get behind in ...


Vast numbers of children were deserted, many ... Street life also forced abandoned children into a torrent of drugs and sex. ... longer faced anything like the catastrophes that had struck ...


In the early 1900s, orphans weren't always defined as children without parents. ... families in financial arrears or homeless children who were living on the streets. ... and continued to place them as day laborers on farms throughout the 1930s.


This was the major way in which orphanage children's lives differed from the lives ... The conditions in Romanian orphanages were similar to or worse than the ...


Jul 19, 2013 ... While orphanages are usually portrayed grimly in popular media, David ... these institutions allow young people to eventually lead successful lives as adults. ... There was a space at the Orphanage at that time for very young children under five ... But by the standards of the time, the 1930's, it was quite good.


Dec 15, 2015 ... They singled out Little Orphan Annie as “Very Poor,” because of the ... And because kids like murder and excitement, such programs proved good ... at finally being a member of the “Secret Circle,” is absolutely true to life.


For children who had already experienced a life of vice in the city, the reformers established .... But during the 1930s, orphanages became crowded again.


No cards on special occasions like birthdays, no presents at Christmas. ... Group of children from orphanage including David Divine (pictured right) and carer ... During my first 19 years of life, Aberlour Orphanage was the only 'home' I had and the only 'family'. .... But by the standards of the time, the 1930's, it was quite good.


"It seemed shocking to me that somebody could toss off a proposal like this with ... In the 1930s, Dexter had been a Unitarian minister, and he had visited many orphanages. ... Some orphanages tried to teach children a trade; the Catholic New York ... by compassionate people, but in general an inmate's life was a tough one.


Dec 3, 2006 ... Records related to orphanages are covered in today’s edition of this ... Other residents of orphanages were children who had lost only one ...