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2.1 Native clans; 2.2 Immigrant clans; 2.3 Newly created noble clan. 3 Family names; 4 Other clans and families. 4.1 Ryukyu. 5 See also; 6 Notes; 7 References. Ancient clan names[edit]. There are ancient-era clan names called Uji-na (氏名) or Honsei .... Each of samurai families is called "[family name] clan ( 氏)" as follows and ...


Oct 18, 2014 ... What was the Japanese name for the heads of noble families? ... ordered all Chinese males to shave their foreheads and braid their hair into a ...




Wa (the Japanese pronunciation of an early Chinese name for Japan) was first .... In 792 universal conscription was abandoned, and district heads were allowed to ... power again concentrated in the hands of one noble family, the Fujiwara.


Sep 10, 2014 ... Japanese Family Names In Ancient Times – Uji .... The Royals And Nobles Raise Their Heads .... Since it was customary in ancient China to avoid calling a person of nobility or a deceased person by their (諱 or 名) true name ...


Like many Asian family systems, the Japanese family system was an extended family ... Noble families, and families of the warrior class, placed great value and ... which have maintained the family name, but not necessarily the blood line.


in the city of Nara; the imperial family – led .... his name is still listed on the official family tree of the ..... began to weaken, the heads of Japan's noble families.


Japanese Name: ... The World Nobles — specifically those of Roswald's family — are ... over their heads to prevent them from breathing the air of the common people. .... Should a World Noble give up their position, they are threatened with  ...


Dynastic family that, by shrewd intermarriage and diplomacy, dominated the ... A precedent set by pious emperors, who shaved their heads and retired to ... on him the new family name of Fujiwara (“Wisteria Arbour”), in commemoration of the ...


Jan 14, 2017 ... INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER FOR JAPANESE STUDIES ... of gardens commissioned by daimyo, the heads of noble families.