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Kantian ethics refers to a deontological ethical theory ascribed to the German philosopher .... A contradiction in conception happens when, if a maxim were to be .... Biographer of Kant, Manfred Kuhn, suggested that the values Kant's parents ...


Value theory encompasses a range of approaches to understanding how, why, and to what ... Ecological economists tend to believe that 'real wealth' needs a donor-determined value as a measure of what things were needed to make an .... Kantian philosophers believe that any general definition of goodness must define  ...


In moral philosophy, deontological ethics or deontology is the normative ethical position that ... Immanuel Kant's theory of ethics is considered deontological for several different reasons. First, Kant ... Every rational being must so act as if he were through his maxim always a legislating member in a universal kingdom of ends.


Kants theory would be called deonteleological and grounded in duty. He saw ethics as 1. Grounded in the natural law 2. Grounded in reason & rationality 3.


Secular ethics is a branch of moral philosophy in which ethics is based solely on human ... Despite the width and diversity of their philosophical views, secular ethicists generally share one or more principles: ... Centers on moral values .... For instance, under Kantian ethics, if a person were to give money to charity because ...


Feb 23, 2004 ... Kant's most influential positions in moral philosophy are found in ... Kant's Lectures on Ethics, which were lecture notes taken by three of his .... This sort of disposition or character is something we all highly value, Kant thought.


Mar 26, 2008 ... Much of the focus has been on their respective views in theoretical philosophy, ... While empirical moral philosophy, which Kant calls moral ..... heart then this human being would certainly love and value even himself, but only in so .... If duty were grounded in feeling, it would seem that morality would bind ...


Ethics is the branch of philosophy that examines right and wrong moral behavior, moral ... The epic poems that stand at the beginning of many world literatures, such as the ... The gods that appear in such epics are not defenders of moral values but are .... Kant's philosophy marks a number of important conceptual shifts in ...


Kant also argued that his ethical theory requires belief in free will, God, and the ... His parents – Johann Georg and Anna Regina – were pietists. ...... The value of a good will lies in the principles on the basis of which it forms its intentions; ...


Note : Kant is a systematic thinker, by which I mean that his moral philosophy is an ... From a moral perspective, (considered as a moral agent) we are all equal. ..... That is, you could not even imagine a society where this rule were the law ... One is morally obligated to respect this dignity and value in oneself and in others.