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Kantian ethics


Kantian ethics refers to a deontological ethical theory ascribed to the German .... Kant argues that only acts performed out of duty have moral worth. ... A contradiction in conception happens when,...

Kantian Ethics

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(Bentham and Mill were practical political reformers; Kant was not.) One cannot, according ... The ultimate moral value for Kant is autonomy or dignity ... It is this fact about humans that Kant's ethical theory seeks to enshrine and protect. Human ...

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Kant also argued that his ethical theory requires belief in free will, God, and the immortality of the soul. ... His parents – Johann Georg and Anna Regina – were pietists. .... Two aspects of the Inaugural Dissertation are especially worth noting.

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The Value of Humanity in Kant's Moral Theory. Richard Dean. Abstract. The humanity formulation of Kant's Categorical Imperative demands that we treat ...

Kant's Moral Philosophy

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Feb 23, 2004 ... However, these standards were either desire- ... Thus, at the heart of Kant's moral philosophy is a conception of reason whose reach ... standard approach to Kant's views and have turned their attention to the later works. ... say that moral rightness is not a function of the value of intended or actual outcomes...

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Intrinsic worth of a human being: In virtue of being a human being, you have rights, dignity, ... Kant's theory helps us to see where we get them. ... Autonomy and ability to choose your moral projects: It's a duty to pursue your happiness ... Haven't there been times when you thought you were doing the best thing, based on...

Critique of Kant's Ethics


Once Kant's theory of morals has been (hopefully) made clear, we will be able to ... For since he does not, as it were, produce himself or derive his concept of ..... To the unconditionality and intrinsicness of moral value, Kant also adds its ...

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According to Kant, reason tells us what we ought to do, and when we obey our ... Natural and moral philosophy, on the contrary, can each have their empirical ... were warned not to carry on two employments together which differ widely in the .... There is, however, something so strange in this idea of the absolute value of ...

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Kant's 'transcendental idealism' is his theory that the human mind itself imposes the forms of ... The confusion is not his alone, and is worth dispelling. ... If our moral sense were based merely on feelings, it would not only vary from person to  ...

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Kantian moral philosophy is usually considered inimical both to the moral claims and to the legal .... value of people as ends in themselves is a presupposition of rational choice. ..... 14 In fact Kant's views were rather advanced for his day.

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Kant believes we value it without limitation or qualification. ... Second, possessing and maintaining one's moral goodness is ... By contrast, were one to supplant any of these motivations ... Kant's views in this regard have understandably been the subject of much controversy.

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Kant's lifework, in a nutshell, focuses on deontological thinking, where morality is based on the means of an action, not the consequences. By focusing on bo...

Kant s Moral Philosophy


Note : Kant is a systematic thinker, by which I mean that his moral philosophy is an .... did her she do the right thing, but her action had moral worth, according to Kant. .... That is, you could not even imagine a society where this rule were the law ...

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Kant's moral theory is, therefore, deontological: actions are morally right in ... But in such a case, Kant argues, the moral value of the action can only reside in a ... at least the honest intention to repay; if this condition were universally ignored, ...

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Home → SparkNotes → Philosophy Study Guides → Immanuel Kant ... Groundwork for the Metaphysic of Morals, published in 1785, is Kant's first ... Because an action is moral on account of its being reasoned, the moral worth of an action ... a posteriori statement like this, "wise men were (in past) more intelligent than now.