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An orphanage is a residential institution devoted to the care of orphans—children whose .... Orphanages were also set up in the United States from the early 19th century; for example, in 1806,...

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Although most orphanages were established in western and southern Europe, a few were also .... But during the 1930s, orphanages became crowded again.

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Very often, orphans were neglected kids of single parents, families in ... About Kids in Colonial Times · What Was Family Life Like in Colonial New England? ... Unfortunately, orphanages were scarce and many children were left on their own. ... and continued to place them as day laborers on farms throughout the 1930s.

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Jan 6, 2010 ... History of orphanages There have been children's homes, or orphanages, since the Middle ... 0 Comments: 1 Like: Statistics: Notes ... Between the 1890s and 1930s, many orphans were put on "orphan trains" and shipped out ...

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The conditions in Romanian orphanages were similar to or worse than the conditions described by Goldfarb (Ames 1990; Groze and Ileana 1996). Children  ...

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There were county orphanages, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish orphanages, ... " It seemed shocking to me that somebody could toss off a proposal like this with so ... In the 1930s, Dexter had been a Unitarian minister, and he had visited many  ...

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Almost all of these early orphanages were indeed attached to a particular religious denomination. ...... during the golden age of orphan asylums and, like the Ohio Pythian Home, it provided for ... became known as Chapin Hall in the 1930s. 84.

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In the early twentieth century, the cause was taken up by reformers like Henry Dwight ... but in 1910, there were well over 1000 orphanages in the United States , and their ... On the front lines of this movement were “foster parents” who took other ... Between the 1930s and the 1970s, as foster care became more common for ...

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By the mid-1930s, the number of children in American orphanages had risen to its ... One reason for this was more children were able to make more money as ... in a home instead of large groups of children in an institution like an orphanage.