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Orphans in the Soviet Union


The orphanages were inaugurated in a spirit of revolutionary idealism, but were soon ... The mid-1930s witnessed the peak of persecution of perceived political ... Developments like these reflect th...

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Although most orphanages were established in western and southern Europe, a few were also .... But during the 1930s, orphanages became crowded again.

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The conditions in Romanian orphanages were similar to or worse than the conditions described ..... But during the 1930s, orphanages became crowded again.

United States orphanages -- individual orphanages - Post-war Years


Oct 24, 2004 ... Orphanages were established througout the United States in the late 19th centutry. ... New York Catholic Orphanage (1930s-40s) ... I remember that we souned like a hor of locusts in our new cords when we marched to school ...

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Jan 6, 2010 ... History of orphanages There have been children's homes, or orphanages, since the Middle ... 0 Comments: 1 Like: Statistics: Notes ... Between the 1890s and 1930s, many orphans were put on "orphan trains" and shipped out ...

The Rise and Demise of the American Orphanage


There were county orphanages, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish orphanages, ... " It seemed shocking to me that somebody could toss off a proposal like this with so ... In the 1930s, Dexter had been a Unitarian minister, and he had visited many  ...

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Sometimes children sought out orphanages -- some were called asylums back then -- because the living. ... orphan homeless and jobless boys and continued to place them as day laborers on farms throughout the 1930s. ... You May Also Like.

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Jul 21, 1995 ... ... operated at one time by the children - were at the orphanage in the 1930s and ' 40s, ... The orphans always won at the state track meets because they were fed ... would find one ally, Freedman, for his support of orphanages.

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Some early children's homes were called hospitals. They were not hospitals as we think of them but were more like what we understand as orphanages.

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Parents on their way west were known to abandon their children on the streets ... Orphanages like Angel Guardian Orphanage, the Protestant Chicago ... Efforts to build a black foster care system in the 1920s and 1930s did not come to much.

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