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Their villages were located near lakes and streams that provided water for ... The houses they built were known as longhouses. ... The Iroquois used the skins and furs of many woodland animals to make their clothing. ... The Iroquois made their tools and weapons from stone, bones, and natural materials found in the ...

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Iroquois used different materials to make tools; wood and stone served as common tool-making items. Wood formed hand tools such as wooden hoes, which ...

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The natural resources the Cherokee Indians used to make their weapons and tools included flint and ... What were the tools and weapons of the Cherokee?

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Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for ... and crafts, weapons and tools, legends, government, and culture of the Iroquois tribes. ... There were five tribes in the original Iroquois Confederacy: the Mohawk, ... A longhouse was a large wood-frame building covered with sheets of elm bark.

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The Iroquois aggressively maintained and expanded their role in the fur trade and ... Villages were built on elevated terraces in close proximity to streams or lakes and ... Before the arrival of Europeans the primary weapons were bows and arrows, ... goods had almost completely replaced the traditional weapons and tools.



Their settlements ranged across the Western Hemisphere and were built on many of the ... In each area nature provided special plants, animals, and raw materials. ... One thing they had in common was the use of stone tools. ... They used tree bark and branches to make their houses, many of their weapons and utensils, ...

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So when they are specifically referring to their tribe, they usually use ... Today, Native Americans only build a birchbark lodge for fun or to connect with their heritage. ... What were Algonquin weapons and tools like in the past? ... The Algonquins often fought with the Iroquois tribes, but when they weren't at war with them, ...

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The Iroquois were also known as the Haudenosaunee or the "People of the Longhouse". The term 'longhouse' referred to the construction of their dwellings and their ... A variety of different trees were used to build a longhouse, depending on the ... blankets, mats, pots, tools and weapons A large, deep storage pit, line...

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The Use, Construction and materials used to make Bows and Arrows. ... Native Indian Weapons and Tools .... Bird feathers were used to give arrows their 'spin' during flight; Fletching balanced the weight of the arrowhead to prevent the arrow  ...

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Kids learn about Native American Indian tribe the Iroquois from the Northeast of the ... The Iroquois were a League or Confederacy of tribes in the Northeastern part ... Each tribe in the Iroquois League had its own elected officials called chiefs . ... The Iroquois used the skin for making clothing and blankets, the bones for tools, ...

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When people think of American Indian weapons, the bow and arrow is usually the ... Like bows and arrows, spears were used for both hunting and warfare. ... The Ball-Headed War Clubs, used by the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of the ... as a versatile tool for preparing food and hides, making crafts, and building igloos .

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The early bow and arrows were made from the wood of various trees like cherry, ash, cedar, oak, ... For the arrow tips, there was a wide variety of materials used.

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The Iroquois longhouse were built to house 20 or more families. ... They were called Iroquois by their neighbors (the Algonkian speaking people) and ... The frame of the Iroquois longhouse was made by sewing bark and using that as shingles. ... Inuit Carvings, Inuit Flag, Inuit Harpoon, Inuit Weapons, Iroquois Longhouse ...