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When they did, their contents were often carbonized as their earth-covered bark roof ... Once carbonized, the pits were of no use to the Iroquois and often abandoned. ... it also yielded the raw materials for building the new village: saplings of the right ... Chert was quarried and used for stone tools and weapons by American ...

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The Native Indian Weapons and Tools include bows and arrows, tomahawks, war clubs, ... Facts and information about the stone tools that were used to make weapons and ... Native Indian tools were made from various raw materials such as wood, ... Some of their tools were hafted, meaning attached, to a wooden handle.

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Their food, shelter, clothing, weapons, and tools came from the forests around them. They lived in ... The Iroquois, Cherokee and Mound Builders were important Woodland tribes. ... Longhouses were made by building a frame from saplings, or young trees. ... The Iroquois Indians used the pelts of animals for their clothing.

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The Iroquois aggressively maintained and expanded their role in the fur trade and ... Villages were built on elevated terraces in close proximity to streams or lakes and ... Before the arrival of Europeans the primary weapons were bows and arrows, ... goods had almost completely replaced the traditional weapons and tools.

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The Iroquois were also known as the Haudenosaunee or the "People of the Longhouse". The term 'longhouse' referred to the construction of their dwellings and their ... A variety of different trees were used to build a longhouse, depending on the ... blankets, mats, pots, tools and weapons A large, deep storage pit, line...

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The men wore feathered headdresses like the Iroquois. The women ... The women only shaved their heads when they were in mourning. ... During war men used bow, arrows, clubs, spears, and sheilds as weapons. Other tools the Mohawk people used were flint knives (for skinnning animals) and wooden hoes for farming.

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The Huron people, also called Wyandot, were a Northeast American Indian tribe ... They emulated many of the Iroquois ways of life including the way in which they built their houses and the way ... Weapons and tools were essential for everyday life. ... They would also use this material as another form of art and often created ...



Their settlements ranged across the Western Hemisphere and were built on many of the ... In each area nature provided special plants, animals, and raw materials. ... One thing they had in common was the use of stone tools. ... They used tree bark and branches to make their houses, many of their weapons and utensils, ...

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The Iroquois made a lot of contributions to our world. Types of contributions ... This is a tomahawk. It is a tool needed to chop down trees and a weapon of war. 4 ... Natural resources used to build their boats were hickory wood and birch bark . 10. Geography ... The sinew was used to make the netting material. The game was ...

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The Olmec were the first major Mesoamerican society, and their religion, art, ... The Aztecs were a warlike group and built an elaborate capital (Tenochtitlán) on an island in a shallow lake. ... Agriculture: The Olmec used the “slash and burn” technique of farming, ... The Inuits made tools and weapons for hunting and fishing.

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Their villages were located near lakes and streams that provided water for ... The houses they built were known as longhouses. ... The Iroquois used the skins and furs of many woodland animals to make their clothing. ... The Iroquois made their tools and weapons from stone, bones, and natural materials found in the ...

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When people think of American Indian weapons, the bow and arrow is usually the ... Like bows and arrows, spears were used for both hunting and warfare. ... The Ball-Headed War Clubs, used by the Iroquois and Algonquian tribes of the ... as a versatile tool for preparing food and hides, making crafts, and building igloos .

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The early bow and arrows were made from the wood of various trees like cherry, ash, cedar, oak, ... For the arrow tips, there was a wide variety of materials used.

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Information about the Iroquois Indians and the Haudenosaunee League for ... and crafts, weapons and tools, legends, government, and culture of the Iroquois tribes. ... There were five tribes in the original Iroquois Confederacy: the Mohawk, ... A longhouse was a large wood-frame building covered with sheets of elm bark.

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Before the Europeans came to North America, the Iroquois made tools from stone , bone, and ... The two views of the axe head show its edge and its flat face. ... Small controlled fires were used to fell trees and cut posts and poles to length. ... The natural shape of the raw material was important in the design of these tools.