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Queen Victoria had nine children. Her children were called Edward, Alfred, Arthur , Leopold, Victoria, Alice, Helena, Louise and Beatrice. The royal family ...

What was it like for children living in Victorian Britain?


If you were a child from a poor family at the beginning of the Victorian times, you ... and swept the crossing places where rich people crossed the busy roads.

What was life like for children in Victorian London?


This led to major problems with overcrowding and poverty. Disease and early death were common for both rich and poor people. Victorian children did not have ...

Poor Victorian Children Activity - Primary Resources


Type of Home. Education. Daily Routine. Toys. Life expectancy. Clothes. Resources used to locate information. Learning Outcome: I can investigate the lives of ...

Victorian England

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Aug 30, 2012 ... Social Class, Find out what jobs were associated with which classes. ... Read about the differences between the poor and rich classes' homes. ... Children, Children in Victorian Britain, What did children from poor families do?

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It is certain their lives were completely different to the lives poor Victorian children lived, which consisted of working in factories and chimney sweeping.Rich ...

Victorian Schoolday - The Victorian School


When Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837 education was still mainly for the ... Rich children might have a governess to teach them at home until they were ...

Women in the Victorian Era


Mar 16, 2009 ... In the Victorian Era, most women were house wives. These women ... Although they. did have a variety of activities to do, their days mostly consisted of the same routines. .... Many wealthy families wanted children for heirs.

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By contrast, the fortunate children of the wealthy generally were spoiled and ... the Victorian era, was as one may put it, stuffy, conventional and routine, not to ...

Victorian Life Style » Daily Life


There were many indoor and outdoor activities that became 'the rage'. ... Children were considered a replaceable resource so conditions were often unregulated ...

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Q: What were the rich Victorian children's marbles made from?
A: They were made of glass and poorer Victorians had clay marbles. Read More »
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Victorian Children in Victorian Times and How They Lived


Dec 11, 2012 ... Life was hard for the both wealthy and poor but in different ways. ... Children were mostly raised by a nanny who would teach the child ... Day to day living was nothing more than a lonely monotonous routine and very formal.

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Life was not the same for all children during the Victorian times. ... rich families ... Young children were forced to work as soon as they were old enough to earn ...

Victorian life - Primary Homework Help


The quality of life depended on whether you were rich or poor. If you were rich you ... How many children did a normal Victorian family have? Families were ...

Rich and Poor Victorian Children - ParkfieldICT


Poor Children, Rich Children. had few luxuries, were usually well fed, clean and well clothed. ate poor food, didn't need to work. worked long hours, went on ...