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A connotation is a commonly understood cultural or emotional association that some word or ... For example, a stubborn person may be described as being either ... connotes admiration for the level o...

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List of Connotation Examples in common speech and literature. ... Figures of speech frequently employed by writers are examples of such deviations.

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Depending on the context, the connotation of a word choice can change the meaning of a sentence considerably. For example, using the words "chick" or " babe" ...

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Connotation refers to the feelings and emotions that accompany a word. While words have literal meanings, denotation, they also have feelings and emotions ...

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Clear definition and examples of Connotation. This article will show you the importance of Connotation and how to use it. A connotation is a common feeling or ...

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You can contrast connotation with the denotative value of a word, its more literal meaning, and give an example of a word (such as "chicken"). Connotation is the  ...

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We call these associations a word's connotation. In this lesson, we will focus on positive connotations. Let's take a look at the definition and some examples to ...

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Connotation is the meaning or implication behind a word or phrase. There are words that carry multiple connotations such as dog, which means someone who is ...

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Positive and Negative Connotations. A word can have a positive or a negative connotation. For example: The denotations of the words difficult and challenging  ...

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For example, the word modern strictly means “belonging to recent times,” but the word's connotations can include such notions as “new, up to date, experimental ...

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Connotation is an implied meaning that is associated with a word in addition to its literal meaning. This association can be cultural or emotional.

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In some cases, connotation can also be similar to symbolism as it hinges on culturally-accepted meanings. For example, the connotation of a red rose is love  ...

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Jan 8, 2010 ... Connotation is related to the subjective and cultural experiences of individuals. For example, when a person uses the word, “father,” it will not ...