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Robin Hood is a heroic outlaw in English folklore who, according to legend, was a highly skilled ..... Exactly when they displaced the oral tradition of Robin Hood ballads is unknown but the ... of ...

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The subject of ballads, books and films, Robin Hood has proven to be one of popular culture's most enduring folk heroes. Over the course of 700 years, the ...

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A biography of Robin Hood intended for beginners or those who need a basic sense ... he is usually a strong supporter of the rightful king, especially when that king is ... But many stories say he was born in AD 1160 in the village of Locksley or ...

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Dec 1, 2015 ... Myth 1) Robin Hood was a real person Robin Hood is an invented, ... in which Robin was born and in which Little John spent his final years ...

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Robin Hood, previously known as Robin of Locksley, was the Lord of Locksley ... The attacker was ready to stab the King in the chest when Robin hit him over.

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The legend of Robin Hood and his merry men. ... in the British Museum have an account of Robin's life which states that he was born around 1160 in .... The Longbow - Used to great effect against the French during the Hundred Years War .

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Robin Hood and his band of “merry men” are usually shown as living in Sherwood .... sessions and events around the Robin Hood Story throughout the year.

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Feb 17, 2011 ... What is the historical fact behind the legend of Robin Hood? ... That holds good for the last two hundred years, probably for much longer.

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Apr 21, 2010 ... Ridley Scott says his new film of Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, is the ... of a real Robin Hood are submerged by 400 years of popular ballads, ..... born in Scotland, educated in Scotland), Brown, Darling, Alexander and ...

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Robin Hood legend outlaw archer yeoman hero injustice sheriff bishop church ... We can see this in the Gest when the sheriff tells the king that the knight ... Robin Hood born otherwise known as Robert Dore of Wadsley which includes Loxley.

Robin Hood was born c. 1100 in England.
Robin Hood is a legendary hero of English folklore. In the old tales, Robin Hood is an expert archer and good-hearted outlaw who lives in England's Sherwood Forest and "robs from the rich and gives to the poor." He loves Maid Marian, leads... More>>