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Jan Ernst Matzeliger (September 15, 1852 – August 24, 1889) was a revolutionary in the shoe ... In the early days of shoe making, shoes were made mainly by hand. ... At the time, no machine co...

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Jan Ernst Matzeliger was an inventor of Surinamese and Dutch descent best ... In 1883, he patented a shoe lasting machine that increased the availability of ... After settling in the United States, Matzeliger worked for several years to learn English. ... to find a solution to the problems he discerned in the shoemaking process.

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This invention reduced the cost of manufacturing shoes by one-half. ... Matzeliger spent ten years in the development of his lasting machine and received little ...

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Nationality: American; Gender: Male; Occupation: inventor ... A variety of other specialized machines sped the process of creating and manufacturing shoes in quantity. It was the final step in the shoemaking process that proved to be the most difficult ... When Jan Matzeliger came to work in the shoe factories, no machinehad ...

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May 29, 2011 ... JAN ERNST MATZELIGER INVENTOR 12852 1889 jpg 220x300 ... 1852 – 1889 Jan Matzeliger invented a shoe manufacturing machine that was, ... He then set out to see the world and spent two years on a merchant ship.

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His invention won swift acceptance and within two years had largely supplanted ... Matzeliger received several other patents for shoe-manufacturing machinery, ...

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Inventor best known for his shoe-lasting machine that mechanically shaped the ... and after about six years settled in Lynn, where he found employment in a shoe ... Matzeliger received several other patents for shoe-manufacturing machinery, ...



Inventor's name: Jan Ernest Matzeliger. Date of birth: ... Date of death: Aug 24, 1889-36 years old. Invention: He invented the first ever shoe making machine.

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Jun 29, 2015 ... Jan Matzeliger was an immigrant shoe-maker from South America who ... Matzeliger's Lasting Machine shaping shoes at a Lynn shoe factory. ... cobbler working in a shoe factory in New England when he invented a new ...

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Jan Matzeliger Patents Shoe Lasting Machine On This Day In 1883. ... Inventor Jan Matzeliger (pictured) placed his name in the history books by inventing ... After a few difficult years in Philadelphia, Matzeliger headed north to Lynn, Mass., ... of cordwaining, which was a painstaking handcrafted fashion of making shoes.

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Invention: In 1883, Matzeliger successfully invented what many before him had attempted: an automated shoemaking machine that quickly attached the top of ...

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Mar 23, 2012 ... Jan Matzeliger was the inventor of the automatic shoe laster which ... ability to repair complex machinery and often did so when accompanying his father ... working for a cobbler and became interested in the making of shoes.

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... Lynn, Massachusetts, the emerging center of the American shoe manufacturing industry. ... Matzeliger's invention quickly made Lynn the “shoe capital of the world.” Matzeliger became one of the founders of the Consolidated Lasting Machine ... Jan Ernst Matzeliger died in Lynn, Massachusetts on August 24 of that year at ...