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I have a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Serial Number 107114. I'm . ... When was this piano made and how much is it worth? ... and the cost is not cost-efficient i.e why would someone spend $750 on a spinet and then sell it for almost nothing.

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I have a Betsy Ross Spinet piano made by Lester Piano Co of Philadelphia. The serial number is 256117 which I believe indicates it was built about 1954-1956. ... know what would happen to this new thing called plastic over a 50 year period.

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Established in 1888 in Philadelphia, Lester built a full line of pianos for decades under several different ... The Lester Piano Company is most famous for their ' Betsy Ross Spinet', a small upright piano manufactured for years after about 1930.

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What year would a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet piano be with the serial number 240666? According to bluebookofpianos.com, a Lester piano with this serial ...

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what is the value of a lester betsy ross spinet, 1957-58 with bench...88 key, 3 brass pedal, ... condition...you can never tell...you may be able to sell it for $1000. ..but would be hard. ... I have a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet with a serial number that is 142916 I was. ... serial#152094 lester piano betsy ross spinet what year was i.

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No detail in Lester construction, by which the tone and durability might he ... Most styles of Lester Betsy Ross Spinets and Console Pianos are ... used in piano actions, after a few years these actions began to fall apart.

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How old is a Cable-Nelson spinet piano with a serial number of 349798? Made in 1964 ... How much does a 1950's Wurlitzer spinet piano weigh? 300 pounds ... How much is a Lester Piano Betsy Ross spinet serial 150735 worth? A Lester Piano ... What year was wurlitzer spinet piano number 720300 made? It was made ...