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Totem poles are monumental sculptures, a type of Northwest Coast art, consisting of poles, posts or pillars, carved with symbols or figures. They are usually made from large trees, mostly western red cedar, ...


Colors used to paint totem poles were limited. Artists relied on natural pigments. Black was the most common, made by grinding soot, graphite or charcoal.


Who made the Totem Poles? Totem Poles were not created by all Native Indian tribes and their production was limited to Northwest Indian tribes located in the ...


How old are totem poles? Since the late 1700s, as Native people gradually acquired metal tools, the aboriginals from southeastern Alaska and the Northwest  ...


Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved from great trees, typically ... who considered the poles an entirely post-contact phenomenon made possible by ...


Native American Indian totem poles are sculptures carved on poles made from huge trees. These sculptures were made by Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest  ...


Find out how totem poles fit into Native American culture.


Nov 19, 2012 ... Mortuary poles made in the nineteenth century housed the coffins of important people in a niche at the top. Carved of red cedar logs, the figures ...


Details on the types of Totem Poles, history, legends, meanings, how a Totem Pole is carved, and the tools ... Every single mark on the totem pole is hand made .


Today, both short and tall totem poles are still enthusiastically made by Northwestern and Alaskan Indian artists, and it is possible to purchase one-- for a price.