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Why do we hear a hissing sound when we open a coke bottle?


When the coke is opened, there is suddenly a great pressure differential. ... All of the additional pressure found within the bottle pushes gas out of the bottle until the ... the men and women who work at the Coca-Cola plant pump carbon dioxide into the ... In nature, when we "bail" at the speed where the water level remains...

Diet Coke and Mentos: What is really behind this physical reaction?


show in 1999 by chemistry teacher Lee Marek ... the solution. So when you pop the top, the equilibrium within the bottle or can is broken, and the concentrated carbon dioxide gas ... When the can is opened without shaking high pressure CO . 2 ... Coca-Cola Classic, Caffeine. Free Coca-Cola ... K changes with temperature ...

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Try placing the soda bottle next to the wall of a brick building (after getting permission ... Open the bottle and dip the thermometer down into the soda. ... The warmer the liquid, the less gas can be dissolved in that liquid. ... A true science fair project changes a variable, creates a new experiment, and then compares results.

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Indicators are substances used in chemistry to determine whether a solution is acidic or basic. ... An interesting variant on this experiment is to change the color of flowers by ... Add a cup of warm water to a large flask or bottle. ..... a) Gases can be tested for CO2 content by filling a balloon with gas and then using a straw to ...

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reactions, chemical energy and rates of reaction, chemistry around the house, chemistry .... Carla L. Clemens: Cover design and section opening pages .... How Much Gas Is in a Bottle of Cola? 5. 3. Solution of a Gas: What Happens During a Pressure Change? 8. 4. ... The Heat Is On with Zinc and Copper Sulfate. 119. 43.

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Open typefaces used: Crimson for the main reading text, Blackout. Midnight for main headlines ... change, heat or light given off, change in odor, gas given off). ... of energy in a physical or chemical change, and relate the kind of energy added to the ..... bottles and caps are solids, the cola ..... the speed at which a chemical.

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Physical chemistry is the study of the physical properties of chemicals, which are .... We know that wood is flammable because it becomes heat, ash, and carbon ... If someone leaves a bottle of ammonia on a desk, and there is a hole in it, ... Changes of color or release of odors (i.e. release of a gas) might be chemical.

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Apr 22, 2013 ... The incredible filter so powerful it turns Coca Cola into water ... This plastic water bottle is fitted with a Nasa-inspired filtration ..... Commandos 'road-test' jihadi hunting quad boat: It's the high speed vessel that's dropped from the air. ... of barbecue: Experts reveal the chemistry behind prepar...

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Anna Phornvoranunt - Baking Soda & Chemical Reactions ... Amy Zilk - Gas In & Out of Solution, Andrea Acres .... Procedure: Take the empty soda bottle and fill it completely with water. Fill the ... How does salt change the density of water? 2. ... Carefully crack open an egg and gently set it on the surface of the tap water.

Why does a glass of water left for a while, have tiny bubbles on the ...


Oct 28, 2014 ... These processes would occur with many phase changes in many different substances ... But nucleation of bubbles requires a vapor seed, a gas/liquid interface ... I don't think they tried suddenly opening a bottle while holding it in a proton beam ... This is actually why you can supercool/heat ultra pure water.

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Jun 14, 2012 ... Instead it is a physical reaction. ... While the soda is in the bottle, the gas is kept in solution by the ... The speed at which the Mentos falls through the soda can affect how ... Be sure to wear eye protection when putting the candies into the cola! ... Mentos versus crushed, compare warm versus cold Diet Coke.

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All sorts of things can change the concentrations of substances in solution. ... Usually when you heat up a solvent, it can dissolve more solid materials (sugar) and less gas (carbon dioxide). ... When you opened the bottle the first time, you lost the high pressure that was ... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amalgam_( chemistry)

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Determine if using crushed Mentos candies will change the height of exploding soda ... Diet Coke® is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.