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Tsarist autocracy


Tsarist autocracy refers to a form of autocracy (later absolute monarchy) specific to the Grand ... independent judicial system, Russia did not have a national-level representative assembly (Duma) o...

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Subsequently Peter I adopted autocracy as the official doctrine of his empire. The tsar was proclaimed 'the absolute monarch,' who did not have to account for ...

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A government that has traditionally operated as an autocracy may begin allowing citizens to have limited decision-making power by holding a vote, while a ...

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... on the Tsar's regime till 1914: Russia, Pillars of Autocracy, threats to the regime . ... The Empire did not have a parliament or elected assembly and there were ...

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Russia's political system at the turn of the 20th century was one of the most backward in Europe. It was one of the few remaining autocracies: all political power ...

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Enforcing Russian autocracy required a combination of state-sponsored ... and anarchist groups expanded in the 1890s, so too did the number of Okhrana. ... began his involvement with St Petersburg steel workers as an Okhrana plant.

Muscovite Period


In the fourteenth century, the grand princes of Muscovy began gathering Russian ... Gradually, the Muscovite ruler emerged as a powerful, autocratic ruler, a tsar. .... Those who did not accept the reforms came to be called the Old Believers ...

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While Nicholas's reign began with marriage and personal happiness, his coronation in 1896 was marked by ... Nicholas II, however, did not agree on the need for reform. ... The Crisis of Russian Autocracy: Nicholas II and the 1905 Revolution.

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Although he refused to consider introducing an elected parliament, he did bring in ... Reign of Alexander III 1881-1894 “Nationalism,Orthodoxy and Autocracy” .... failed and in February 1904 the Japanese attacked Port Arthur and war began.

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Considered Russia's last true autocrat, Alexander III was the epitome of what a Russian Tsar was supposed to be. ... The reign of Alexander III began in tragedy.

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The autocratic nature of Tsarist rule generated growing opposition in Russia, .... ( Communist regimes also came to power in Yugoslavia and Albania, but did not .... the banks were lending money from state coffers that were empty to begin with .

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How Russia became an autocracy. Russia will greet visitors from around the world with traditional hospitality when the 2014 Winter Olympics begin on Friday in ...

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Most peasants did not want to lose the safety of the commune or to permit ... so was partly because the tsar was not willing to give up autocratic rule or share power. ... Once the Serbian response was rejected, the system of alliances began to ...