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Lewis Edson Waterman (November 18, 1837 – May 1, 1901), born in Decatur, New York, was ... He worked on his invention for ten years before placing it on the market. Waterman got a patent for h...

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Lewis Waterman invented an improved fountain pen - biography. ... In 1883, Lewis Waterman was an insurance broker in New York City, getting ready to sign one of his hottest contracts. ... Did You Know All These Things Were Invented in.

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There had been hundreds of patents for fountain pens before Waterman filed his claim ... He had spent ten years perfecting his invention, motivated, according to ...

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Aug 26, 2013 ... L.E. WATERMAN patents the first reliable fountain pen in New York: The ... The pen clip is invented – To allow the pen to hold in a pocket.

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The world's first leak-proof pen was presented by Lewis Waterman. ... As always, necessity led to the invention of the fountain pen and the necessity here was to prevent the ... How does India-rubber and ink-eraser erase pencil and ink marks?

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Oct 11, 2015 ... The history of the fountain pen is a history of invention, of innovation, ... Popularity in retrospect does not define the significance of a pen within its time; .... The L. E. Waterman company responded to the changing times by ...

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Petrache Poenaru patented the fountain pen on May 25th, 1827, he invented the ... of Waterman pens) is commonly an answer to who invented the fountain pen, but ... Several early attempts at nibs (the tip of the pen that does the writing) have  ...

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Apr 24, 2015 ... The first metal clips were introduced by Waterman in 1905, no later than April of that ... The L.E. Waterman Company was assigned U.S. Patent No. 800141 f... ... How did Lewis Waterman come to invent the fountain pen?

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Founded in 1888 by Lewis Edson Waterman, the L.E. Waterman Pen ... to invent a better pen in the first place: the need for a reliable writing instrument.

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Lewis E. Waterman was moved to invent a better fountain pen after losing an insurance ... These publications did not stint on promotion, and consistently devoted ... the death of L.E. Waterman, and it devotes considerable attention to the early ...

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Lewis Edson Waterman (1837 - 1901) was the inventor of the capillary feed ... But the truth is that in 1883, Waterman improved a fountain pen. ... He, for instance, also invented a successful method for preserving and condensing grape-juice.

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Britannica does not currently have an article on this topic. ... ...of pen in which ink is held in a reservoir and passes to the writing point through capillary channels. ... fountain pen was produced in 1884 by the American inventor L.E. Waterman.

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Apr 3, 2012 ... The cone cap, sliding over the end, did not come until 1899. ... After L. E. Waterman died in 1901, having popularized the phrase “the daddy ... career as an insurance solicitor 71 years ago, his fame and his invention flow on.