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Oct 14, 2011 ... Do you know that when talking about puppies, most trainers and behaviorists consider a puppy to be a dog that is just born to about 6 months of ...

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Adult dogs don't use as much energy as puppies, so continuing to feed him puppy food may cause him to become overweight. Your vet will be happy to advise ...

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While some dogs do reach maturity near the end of their first year of life, ... you get a puppy, be sure to find out how large he or she is likely to become when fully  ...

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I see, however, that today's consensus (see, e.g., At What Age Does a ... ... At What Age Does a Puppy Become a Dog? and http://puppies.about.com/od/NewO .

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How to switch from puppy food to adult food. ... My Dog Is... Afraid of dogs, people , sounds or other things ... When she does eat it's only about a cup and a half.

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Sep 3, 2014 ... Majority of people consider a one-year-old puppy to be an adult, ... they are fully mature, in order to grow properly and become healthy adults.

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Growing from a puppy to an adult occurs at different rates for all dogs. ... Puppies become more independent and confident. ... Do Silky Terriers Get Dry Skin?

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There isn't an exact time when Bandit suddenly is an adult – it's not like when you turn 18 and magically get grownup privileges overnight. Generally, the one ...

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Things that you can do at home to help your Chihuahua live as long as possible ... For many, it is not legal to sell a puppy until the age of 8 weeks old. .... 8 Months to 1 Year – Your Chihuahua, at this age, is now becoming an adolescent.

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During this period, the puppy matures sexually, sheds his puppy coat in favor of his adult coat and almost reaches his full size. After adolescence, the dog's ...

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There is no binary figure or calculation that can tell you for certain the age at which your puppy is considered to be an adult dog, or when they will the...

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This four month old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy still has growing to do! .... “ flaky” behavior or unwarranted aggression, become protective of toys or territory.

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What sex should my second dog be for them both to get along? By Lisa Peterson. Do males tend to get along better with other males, or would a female puppy ...