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Abortion in Mexico


Induced abortion, or the voluntary termination of pregnancy, is a controversial issue in Mexico. ... 1 History; 2 Legality of abortion ... They also prosecute neither the doctors who offer safe ille...

YouGov | Abortion: Are two doctors better than one?


May 24, 2012 ... Should an abortion have to be approved by two separate doctors? ... were against the law tended to believe that obtaining two doctors' signatures is .... “I think it's a painful enough process, without making it more complicated” ...

The two doctor requirement on abortion requests


The reason for the two doctor requirement is that apart from a limited set of circumstances ... In Britain abortion remains illegal, carrying up to a 14 year custodial ... forms without seeing patients, faxing forms to other institutions when signatures ...

Abortion Frequently Asked Questions | FPA Women's Health


To Make An Appointment With Our Doctors, Call 1-877-883-7264 ... Protestors are not allowed on Family Planning Associates property but they may be in ... Patient information is never released without the signature and authorization of the patient. .... You are also advised to return to the clinic two weeks after surgery for a ...

Abortion: the legal position - Telegraph


Jul 12, 2012 ... Anyone involved in performing abortions without proper certification could ... Two signatures are not required if a doctor believes “termination is ...

The abortion procedure - TheMix.org.uk


Sep 29, 2015 ... The Mix talks you through the abortion procedure, for all stages of pregnancy. ... UK, you can have an abortion up to 24 weeks; the law is different in Ireland. ... in the UK you have to get the signatures of two separate doctors.

Questions About Abortion - Shine


Your partner's permission is not required for you to get an abortion. ... Women under 16 may have an abortion, without parental involvement, if the doctor believes the ... Whichever way you access abortion, you will need two doctors' signatures ... agree that her need for abortion matches specific criteria laid down in law.

Q&A: Approving abortions


What is the current legal requirement for the approval of an abortion? Currently, the law in England, Wales and Scotland states that two doctors must ... the requirement to obtain two doctors' signatures causes unnecessary delays in women's ... way as when they treat their patients without the need to consult another doctor.



Nov 6, 2015 ... Although there is no right to abort in English law but rather abortion is a ..... without the need for two doctors' signatures, and without the need to ...

House of Commons - Science and Technology - Twelfth Report


Nov 6, 2007 ... Requirement for two doctors' signatures ... that the 1967 Act did not make abortion legal but conferred upon doctors a ... The Department of Health has ruled that both doctors are able to sign the HSA forms without seeing the ...

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Two-signature rule on abortions should be abandoned, say doctors ...


Oct 10, 2007 ... Two-signature rule on abortions should be abandoned, say doctors ... Obstetricians and Gynaecologists says the legal requirement for two signatures in the ... consent", and without the need for the permission of two doctors.

Abortion: no doctor should be immune from the law - Telegraph


Dozens of doctors pre-signed abortion forms without knowing anything about ... The two doctor's signature provisions for adults (women) making decisions for ...

Women wanting abortions will not have to see doctor - The Telegraph


Jan 15, 2014 ... Women will be allowed to have an abortion without a doctor ... of the 1967 Abortion Act — that two doctors must authorise a termination. ... to allow “abortion on demand” and that the second signature is just a formality.