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A classic car is an older automobile; the exact definition varies around the world. The common .... Classic cars often lack what are now considered basic safety features, such as seat belts, crumple zones or rollover protection. On September 10 ...


Feb 2, 2017 ... Seriously, there are a million different answers to the question, “When will my car be considered a classic?” And actually, there may be a few ...


Oct 17, 2016 ... To find out your state's definition of a classic car and how old it must be to be considered a classic or antique check with your state's DMV.


Nov 5, 2013 ... A car must be at least 20 years old, but not more than 40 years old to be considered a classic car. It should again have been repaired and ...


Jan 27, 2012 ... On the average, though, for a car to be considered a "Classic Car" it must be at least 25 years old, and 50 years old for it to be considered an ...


May 17, 2013 ... “Classic cars are defined by the Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) and there's a list of those cars that are considered classics. Most cars that ...


As the classic car movement grows the question remains, what makes a classic ... cars once considered dogs can become classics - in the eye of the beholder.


... which includes classic cars, collector trucks, vintage motorcycles & scooters, ... (Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered viable regular-use ...


Dec 6, 2016 ... They see as 'classic' (basically) any car that is worth £15,000 or more, and is ... define whether an individual car can be considered a classic?


How old does a car have to be, to be considered a classic? Both of my weekend cars: - 1993 Nissan 200sx S13. &. - 1993 Mazda RX7FD3s.