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History of RNA biology


2.1 Messenger RNA (mRNA) carries genetic information that directs protein ... 4.5 Discovery of catalytic RNA (ribozymes); 4.6 RNA was likely critical for prebiotic ...

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Oct 14, 2012 ... Uracil as a base unique to RNA was discovered in place of thymine in DNA. ... Messenger RNA (mRNA) as the carrier of genetic information, ...

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Sydney Brenner and his colleagues discovered messenger RNA, the substance that carries the instructions for making proteins in a cell, in 1961.

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cleavage specificities have been discovered not only in E. coli, but also in other ... The discovery of a novel way to interfere with mRNA function by mRNA ...

Re-thinking miRNA-mRNA interactions: Intertwining issues ...


Feb 12, 2015 ... Re-thinking miRNA-mRNA interactions: Intertwining issues confound target discovery. Nicole Cloonan<sup>*</sup>. Article first published online: 12 FEB ...

The discovery of mRNA interferases: implication in bacterial ...


J Cell Physiol. 2006 Dec;209(3):670-6. The discovery of mRNA interferases: implication in bacterial physiology and application to biotechnology. Inouye M(1).

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The cap consists of a methylated GTP linked to the rest of the mRNA by a 5' to 5' ... RNA splicing was discovered during analysis of adenovirus mRNA synthesis.

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Oct 2, 2006 ... In 1998, the American scientists Andrew Fire and Craig Mello published their discovery of a mechanism that can degrade mRNA from a specific ...

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Jan 10, 2014 ... The chemical modification on mRNA in question is called ... 2011 when they discovered the reverse of the methylation process, demethylation.

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Aug 15, 2014 ... More recently, Westwood looked into the possibility that a special type of RNA molecules - mRNA, or messenger RNA - were also being ...

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Q: When you compare an mRNA product of an unidentified organism with...
A: The mRNA product is shorter than the gene coding for it as a result of splicing. Therefore the organism in question is likely to be a. Eukaryote. as Prokaryotes... Read More »
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1960. The discovery of messenger RNA (mRNA) by Sydney Brenner (1927-), Francis Crick (1916-), Francois Jacob (1920-) and Jacques Monod (1910-1976).

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JACOB/MESELSON/BRENNER: DISCOVERY OF MESSENGER RNA. (mRNA) ... Sydney Brenner went on with them to confirm the mRNA hypothesis in 1964.

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Messenger RNA: origins of a discovery ... that Volkin and Astrachan's DNA-like RNA was indeed the genetic messenger, hence messenger RNA (mRNA).

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The original discovery of messenger RNA (mRNA) by two Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists "has never received the acclaim it deserves," says Alvin M.