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The Golgi apparatus also known as the Golgi complex, Golgi body, or simply the Golgi, is an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells.

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J Hist Neurosci. 1999 Aug;8(2):202-8. The discovery of the Golgi apparatus. Bentivoglio M(1). Author information: (1)Department of Morphological and ...

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Golgi sketch of Golgi Apparatus. Golgi's original sketch of the network he discovered. Courtesy of The Nobel Prize Website ...

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Dec 15, 2012 ... The Discovery of the Golgi Apparatus. Citation: Bentivoglio, M (2002) History of Neuroscience: The Discovery of the Golgi Apparatus, IBRO.

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Quick look: Golgi apparatus(or complex, or body, or 'the 'Golgi') is found in all plant and animal cells and is the term given to groups of flattened disc-like ...

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On April 1898 Camillo Golgi communicated to the Medical–Surgical Society of Pavia, the discovery of the “internal reticular apparatus”, a novel intracellu.

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The discovery of the Golgi apparatus can be added to the long list of accidental discoveries. The man after whom it is named was not a cytologist engaged in ...

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Soon after he publicly announced his discovery in 1898, the structure was named after him, becoming universally known as the Golgi apparatus. Yet, many ...

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Golgi apparatus was discovered in the year 1898 by an Italian biologist Camillo Golgi. It was on of the first cellular organelles to be discovered and observed in ...

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The Golgi (pronounced GOL-jee) complex (or Golgi apparatus or Golgi body) was discovered by Camillo Golgi (1844–1926), an Italian physician. While Dr.

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Histochem Cell Biol. 1998 May-Jun;109(5-6):425-30. Camillo Golgi and the discovery of the Golgi apparatus. Dröscher A(1). Author information: (1)Institut für die ...

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Apr 20, 1998 ... In Golgi's laboratory, Adelchi Negri (1876-1912) discovered the intraneuronal inclusions (the Negri bodies) which represent specific features of ...

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We celebrate in 1998 the centenary of the discovery of the Golgi apparatus. Neurones have played a special role in the history of this cell organelle, primarily.