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An independent music scene is a localized independent music-oriented community of bands and their audiences. Local scenes ...

Top 10 Cities in North America Whose Music Scenes Are Exploding ...


Jan 22, 2015 ... The city is home to two of the USA's largest music festivals (SXSW ... Specifically, the current indie/garage rock scene has seen a major revival.

11 Top Cities for Music That Aren't New York or L.A. - Mic


Oct 14, 2014 ... If Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that music happens in one of two cities: New ... But they aren't the only — or even the best — places for young music lovers in America. ... and bands from the Palm Desert Scene are often represented. ... Its most notable exports include indie folk superstars The Avett ...

Late Century Dream: Movements in the US Indie Music ...


Nov 5, 2013 ... <i>Late Century Dream: Movements in the US Indie Music ... Late Century Dream describes the indie music scenes in six American cities: Seattle, Athens, Phoenix, ... why they didn't persist—getting at the contradiction at indie's core. ... has appeared in Paste, The Atlantic, Splice Today, and Popmatters.

The Geography of America's Music Scenes - CityLab


Aug 6, 2012 ... Mapping musicians and the music businesses across the U.S.. ... of both Motown and the hard-edge distorted indie rock of The White Stripes. ... To better understand the geography of music in America, my Martin Prosperity ...

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As in America, where there are charts for Pop, R&B, Adult Contemporary, etc., ..... The core of this movement has mostly been the resurgence of spiky 70s ... Revolution on Canvas: Poetry from the Indie Music Scene New York: Warner, 2007.

What's the Japanese Indie Scene Like? - IGN - Page 2 - IGN.com


Oct 30, 2016 ... “There's always been a core Japanese indie scene,” explains Chris ..... made in the American indie scene because the current indie scene is ...

The Korean Indie Rock Scene | 10 Magazine Korea


May 8, 2015 ... The Korean indie rock scene is filled with an entire underground ... folk, electronic , and fusions of the aforementioned, it behooves us to limit ... Or, they weren't; thanks to the Internet and the efforts of a passionate core of supporters – both ... If the indie of today had a genesis, it would have been the 1990s...

The Inevitable Death of All Music Scenes - The Atlantic


Oct 10, 2013 ... NYC's art-punk golden age, Chapel Hill's indie-rock community, and Memphis's ... But disparity in America has been increasing for decades, with few .... less affluent white voters at the core of Donald Trump's electoral coalition ...

The Untold Story of Punk Rock Explosion in Rockford ... - Indie Guides


Dec 20, 2016 ... Punk rock was born in little towns in the US, but only the big cities really got to .... What does the music scene in Rockford look like today? ... lean towards “soft core indie pop” than the aggrieved punk that drove us towards ...