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Slang consists of a lexicon of non-standard words and phrases in a given language. .... "foxy", although clearly a "denominal adjective" from its -y suffix, does not ... a standa...

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Jan 7, 2013 ... So where did all of this slang come from and how does it evolve? According to an online dictionary, slang is defined as 'very informal usage in ...

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College slang, or any slang really, comes about just like formal language. There are processes that are shared by both, such as blends (sleazy and skanky to ...

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Slang words are kind of like jargon; they are used in certain groups and understood by the group members. Let's look at some examples of slang words and see ...

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Slang is jargon used by one specific group of people. It comes about as that group talks to each other - they naturally use words that mean something.

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Rather, he derives it elaborately from an old slang word meaning "narrow piece of land," itself of obscure origin. Century Dictionary says "there is no evidence to ...

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digg_url = "http://danzarrella.com/slang.html"; Slang is not easy to define ... terms to describe things that mainstream society does not have words for, or does not ...

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Jul 22, 2013 ... Spoken English language is influenced by many factors such as fast changing technology and 'identity' language used by younger people.

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Slang Origins: How did the word "groovy" come to acquire its current meaning? Slang Origins: Where does the phrase "barnburner" come from? Slang Origins: ...

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Q: Where did slang come from?
A: Almost all the slang I use I believe originated in American black culture. Read More »
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Q: Where did slang terms come from?
A: they are simply an evolution of the english language. they didnt really originate anywhere. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Where did the slang quid come from?
A: Quid, meaning a pound sterling (the term was also used in Australia pre-decimalisation), probably came from quid pro quo which means "something for something". ... Read More »
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Q: Where did the slang 'cop' come from?
A: Hundreds of years ago, cop was a slang verb that meant to capture. Thus, a Read More »
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Q: Where did the word slang come from?
A: It dates from the 18th century, but it's origins are obscure. Read More »
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