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Jellyfish, or jellies, are softbodied free-swimming aquatic animals with a gelatinous ... Scyphozoans are exclusively marine, but some hydrozoans live in freshwater. ... Most jellyfish do not have s...

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There are many different species of jellyfish and most of these, including the moon jellyfish, live in the world's oceans. Jellyfish species were not originally found ...

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Another type of jelly animal called a salp is even in the same group as humans! ... In some areas of the world, millions of jellyfish can swarm together, and these ... Most jellyfish live less than one year, and some some of the smallest may live ...

Jelly fish swim in groups. How do they communicate to stay together?


Oct 11, 2009 ... Answer. Helen - I don't think they do actually. Jellyfish are in some ways extremely simple creatures. They don't have a brain, so they don't ...

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Sep 16, 2016 ... [5]; While jellyfish do not have a brain, they have an elementary ... One species has been reported to live as long as 30 years. ... Man-of-wars can sometimes be seen in groups of 1,000 or more floating in warm ocean waters.

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Jellyfish are found in all of the Earth's oceans, including the very deep sea, as well as shallow saltwater lakes. Various jellyfish species ... Where do jellyfish live ?

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Looking for information on where do jellyfish live?? We've got info on where do jellyfish live? and more at JellyfishFacts.net.

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May 14, 2012 ... The habitat for Jellyfish is very vast as they can live in any ocean water. ... Jellyfish though their movements have to do with controlling vertical ...

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A: Jellyfish don't have a brain, so how do they do things such as move, ... Jellyfish, being such very simple organisms, do not need centralized ... Read More »
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Q: How do jellyfish know they are hungry if they do not have a brain...
A: Jellyfish has a brain, not as bis as a Human, it is a little neuronal ganglion that controls Basic ... If a jellyfish can live potentially infinitely, could th... Read More »
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