Scyphozoans are exclusively marine, but some hydrozoans live in freshwater. Large .... Most jellyfish do not have specialized digestive, osmoregulatory, central  ...

Where Do Jellyfish Live? - Jellyfish Facts

One might immediately just say the ocean but there is more to it than that. They do live in the oceans. They also live in lakes and rivers and all bodies of water ...

Fun Facts about Jellyfish | JellyWatch

How long do jellyfish live? Most jellyfish live less than one year, and some some of the smallest may live only a few days. Each species has a natural life cycle in ...

Where do jellyfish live? |

There are many different species of jellyfish and most of these, including the moon jellyfish, live in the world's oceans. Jellyfish species were not originally found ...

Where Does the Compass Jellyfish Live? | Animals -

The compass jellyfish (Chrysaora hysoscella) has a distinctive appearance, including the colorful bands on its bell that give this jellyfish its name. These jellyfish ...

Freshwater Jellyfish | The Nature Conservancy

Besides North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming every state has experienced freshwater jellyfish sightings. But do they really belong here?

Box Jellyfish - National Geographic

Learn all you wanted to know about box jellyfish with pictures, videos, photos, facts, ... Box jellies, also called sea wasps and marine stingers, live primarily in ...

Immortal jellyfish: Does it really live forever? | MNN - Mother Nature ...

Apr 13, 2011 ... While it is often joked that cats have nine lives, a certain species of jellyfish has been deemed “immortal” by scientists who have observed its ...

Fun Jellyfish Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Jellyfish

Jellyfish live in the sea and are found in all oceans. Some jellyfish live in fresh water. Jellyfish look a little like umbrellas. Jellyfish can be large and brightly ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Where do jellyfish live?
A: Jellyfish live in seawater from shore areas exposed at low tide to the very deep ocean, the Read More »
Q: Where do jellyfish live in the ocean?
A: everywhere, mostly in sea water but sometimes in lakes and rivers. you get them in seas and oceans (deep or shallow) but the bigger and deadlier ones usually li... Read More »
Q: Where do jellyfish live in the world?
A: every where. Read More »
Q: Where do jellyfishes live(country you know)?
A: Forms of jellyfish exist in every ocean, sea and some inland lakes. Read More »
Q: Where do jellyfish mostly live?
A: Jellyfish medusae live in seawater from shore areas exposed at low tide to the very Read More »