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Nut (fruit)


A nut is a fruit composed of a hard shell and a seed, which is generally edible. In a general context, however, a wide variety of dried seeds are called nuts, but in a botanical context, there is an...

The Weird Ways That Nuts Grow - BuzzFeed


Feb 19, 2013 ... Peanuts are legumes, not nuts, and so they don't grow on trees. .... Tagged:nuts, almonds, cashews, how do nuts grow, peanuts, weird nuts.

Where the Heck Do Cashews Come From? - Parade


Jul 10, 2013 ... First of all, cashews are not actually nuts, but rather fruits from the cashew tree, a large evergreen tree that thrives in tropical climates. The tree ...

Where Do Nuts Come From? A Guide for Kids | Mini Yummers


Nov 6, 2013 ... We use nuts in loads of recipes on Mini Yummers, and even if you haven't tried any yet I'm sure you've eaten peanut butter, scoffed Nutella ...

Where Do Cashews Come From? - Live Science


Jun 30, 2014 ... Small bowl of mixed nuts displaying large nuts on top and peanuts below. ... While many of the cashews produced for commerce come from ...

Where Do Pine Nuts Come From? > Start Cooking


Yes, they do come from a pine tree! Pine nuts are an edible seed, found inside pine cones. Apparently, they are incredibly difficult to extract. Then again, shelling ...

What are some nuts that do not come from trees? - Quora


May 4, 2016 ... Chinquapin nuts come from a large bush that goes by the botanical name ... However, peanuts do not grow on trees, but on a plant that ...

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Nov 12, 2014 ... Food Facts - Where Do Nuts Come From - TellMeWhy Educational ... Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats ...
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May 5, 2015 ... Images of a 35 year old Cashew Tree & its Fruit!! Arbol de Marañon...

Where do cashew nuts come from? | Reference.com


Cashew nuts that are sold commercially in grocery stores primarily come from Africa and India; however, the cashew nut is actually a native of the tropical ...

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What Kinds of Nuts Don't Grow on Trees? | Home Guides | SF Gate


Nuts grow on woody plants, such as shrubs and trees, and are one-seeded fruits that don't split open at maturity. The word “shrub” is not a botanical term, but a ...

5 nuts not grown in California : TreeHugger


Apr 6, 2015 ... Pine nuts don't come from farms, they come from the forest where they ... like all nuts, are high in both calories and fats, that does not mean they ...

The History of the Doughnut | History | Smithsonian


It is true that the humble doughnut does have a convoluted past that involves ... The first doughnut machine did not come along until 1920, in New York City, ... out to take on board, but the rings were left behind and were soon called "no-nuts ".