Best Baits for Redfish - Florida Sportsman

May 11, 2012 ... An article from Florida Sportsman about the best baits for redfish on the flats. ... Another advantage to the crab over live bait is that the crab stays where you ... Frozen baits work when kayak fishing, but so do imitations like this ...

Redfish Red Drum Species Identification Facts and Tips - The Jump

Redfish range widely up and down the entire Louisian coast. Although they are a saltwater fish they do not require a high salinity to live; therefore they can often ...

Redfish basics for the bass fisherman. | Fish Catching Travel

And the Redfish Magic really shines when the wind blows, a not uncommon situation where redfish live. And as a bonus you might catch the occasional trout  ...

The 3 Best Places to Catch Big Redfish this Fall | Outdoor Life’/2012/08/3-best-places-catch-big-redfish-fall

Aug 21, 2012 ... In fall, attention to detail becomes critical for catching redfish. ... What to Use: Plugs, spoons, jigs, spinnerbaits, and live bait all score well. .... How Do I Tell My Buddy His Dog Sucks? and 8 Other Canine Questions You've ...

The often-overlooked freshwater redfish - Fish with JD

Mar 11, 2007 ... Redfish (red drum) are an extremely popular gamefish along the Gulf Coast but most folks are ... to freshwater, live happily in a lake (though they cannot reproduce in freshwater). .... The most common fish to do this is salmon.

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