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Tigers are apex predators, primarily preying on ungulates such as deer and bovids. ..... Even apparently healthy white tigers generally do not live as long as their ...

Habitats of the Tiger

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Usually where Tigers live there are trees, bushes, and clumps of tall grass. It shades the Tiger from the sun when it's extremely hot. Not only does this protect ...

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Tiger Habitats. An animal's habitat is the area in which it would naturally choose to live. Generally, each species will have a fairly specific habitat that displays ...

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Tigers live in Asia, which is where their natural habitats are. They are most likely found in the swamps, grasslands and rain forests of Southeast Asia, China, ...

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Nov 23, 2010 ... Despite many a misconception, tigers have never lived in Africa. Life's Little Mysteries ... Remy Melina was a staff writer for Live Science from 2010 to 2012. She holds a .... Do Your Employees Secretly Dislike You? What to Do ...

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Tigers tend to live on their own, depending on themselves for survival. ... much of the prey that they are after is in herds that move the tigers must do so as well.

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Oct 3, 2014 ... Larger subspecies, such as the Siberian tiger, tend to live in northern, ... Tigers typically live 14 to 18 years. ... How Do Tigers Get Their Stripes?

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There were once nine subspecies of tigers: Bengal, Siberian, Indochinese, South Chinese, Sumatran, Malayan, ... Tigers essentially live solitary lives, except during mating season and when females bear young. ... What You Can Do ».

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Those that do live together know the other tigers' activities, much like in a family unit. The area that is considered to be the group's home has a size that depends  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Where do tigers live.
A: There are several subspecies of tiger alive today, and each one lives in a different place. Siberian tigers live in eastern Russia, Indochinese tigers and Malay... Read More »
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Q: Where do Tigers live?
A: All wild tigers live in Asia. They don't like open grasslands. Most kinds of tigers live where it is warm but Amur (Siberian) tigers live where it gets very col... Read More »
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Q: Where do tigers live?
A: Asia, in countries including India, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Siberia and the island of Sumatra. They prefer forested habitat, wher... Read More »
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Q: Where do Tigers live?
A: Tigers are the biggest cats in the world. They live in wet, humid and hot jungles as well as icy cold forests. There are five different kinds or subspecies of t... Read More »
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Q: Where Do Tiger Live?
A: Tigers live in India,Bangladesh,china Read More »
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