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Gas giant


A gas giant is a giant planet composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. Jupiter and Saturn are the Solar System's gas giants. ... are often combined, hydrogen planets need not be as large as the f...

What are planets made of?


The other planets are not solid. Jupiter, for instance, is made up mostly of trapped helium, hydrogen, and water. In our solar system, the four "gas giants" are ...

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Aug 25, 2015 ... The solar system's outer planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune ... A gas giant is a large planet composed mostly of gases, such as ...

The Outer Planets: How Planets Form


It is worth noticing that the eight planets in our solar system make up two ... Why do objects that formed from the same cloud of gas have different compositions? ... Thus, the inner planets are made almost entirely of rock and metal and form the ...

Planets and How They Formed


The planets in our Solar System are believed to have formed from the same ... This disc, called the solar nebula, was composed mainly of hydrogen and ... As the gases coalesced to form a protosun, the temperature in the solar system rose.

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Jun 25, 2016 ... Our Solar System is made up of different regions, which are ... mostly of silicates and metals, whereas the outer planets are gas giants.

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When the planets were first forming, the solar system was a big, swirling disk of gas and dust, with the newborn Sun at the center. Bits of dust and clouds of gas ...

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Despite being made up mostly of gases, the outer planets have a rock core. ... the structure of the solar system and other younger planetary systems that are in ...

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The planets in our solar system are each made out of different things. ... though earth has a thin atmosphere made up mostly of nitrogen and oxygen gases.

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Scientists believe that the solar system was formed when a cloud of gas and dust ... Squeezing made the cloud start to collapse, as gravity pulled the gas and ... as particles and small clumps stuck to them, eventually forming planets or moons .

The Solar System
From our small world we have gazed upon the cosmic ocean for thousands of years. Ancient astronomers observed points of light that appeared to move among the stars... More »
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Jan 22, 2016 ... The solar system is made up of the sun and everything that orbits ... four inner planets, through the Asteroid Belt to the four gas giants and on to ...

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Swarms of mini-planets, called asteroids, also travel in the Solar System, and much ... Rocks, dust, and gases circling in a disk around the Sun began lumping ... The four planets closest to the Sun are largely made up of rock, like the Earth, ...

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SUMMARY: The jovian planets are essentially big balls of gas, each ... Made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, these planets do not have solid surfaces. ... We can trace almost all the differences to the formation of the solar system.