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In biology, the active site is the region of an enzyme where substrate molecules bind and undergo a chemical reaction. The active site consists of residues that ...

Enzymes and the active site | Introduction to enzymes | Khan Academy


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Enzyme Active Site and Substrate Specificity - Boundless


Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions by lowering activation energy barriers and converting substrate molecules to products.

Structural Biochemistry/Enzyme/Active Site - Wikibooks, open books ...


An active site is the part of an enzyme that directly binds to a substrate and carries a reaction. It contains catalytic groups which are amino acids that promote  ...

proteins as enzymes - Chemguide


An introduction to how some proteins function as enzymes, and the general features of enzyme catalysis.

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Enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts. Most are proteins. (A few ribonucleoprotein enzymes have been discovered and, for some of these, the catalytic activity is in ...

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Jul 13, 2011 ... Enzymes are globular proteins that control biological reactions. Digestive enzymes speed up the breakdown (hydrolysis) of food molecules into ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Enzymes and digestion


A secondary school revision resource for AQA GCSE Additional Science about enzymes and digestion.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: What are enzymes?


A secondary school revision resource for AQA GCSE Additional Science about enzymes and digestion.

The Central Role of Enzymes as Biological Catalysts - The Cell - NCBI


A fundamental task of proteins is to act as enzymes—catalysts that increase the rate of virtually all the chemical reactions within cells. Although RNAs are ...

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Looking for info on enzymes? Find out all about enzymes, including how they work, and what they can be used for.

active site of an enzyme


The active site of an enzyme. The active site of the enzyme is the place where the substrate binds and at which catalysis occurs.

What Are the Functions of Amylase, Protease and Lipase Digestive ...


Any enzyme that breaks down protein into its building blocks, amino acids, is called a protease, which is a general term. Your digestive tract produces a number ...