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The Hopewell tradition describes the common aspects of the Native American culture that ... system spread far and wide and have been seen in many burials outside the Midwest. ... Hopewell mounds fro...

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When they buried honored people in the mounds, the Hopewell included items that tell ... The most ornate artifacts were in Ohio mounds. ... The Hopewell built their mounds in Michigan from 10 B.C. until about A.D. 400. ... The Hopewell people are gone, but 17 of their burial mounds still lie in a forest outside Grand Rapids.

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Feb 21, 2000 ... Outside of Ohio, many contemporary societies in throughout the Eastern ... The most spectacular burial mounds come from the Ohio Valley. ... The great central mound is 250 ft. long, 150 ft wide, and 30 ft. high. .... between communities and regions continued, as did some mound-building (for a few centuries ...

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Jan 30, 2009 ... Hopewell culture, notable ancient Indian culture of the east-central area of North America. ... Ohio, where the first site—centring on a group of burial mounds with extensive ... Their best pottery was well made, with decoration applied by incised or ... Like the earlier Adena people, the Hopewell built elaborate ....

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This mysterious mound is one of literally thousands that early Native Americans built in the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys, the Great Lakes region, and ...

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May 8, 2000 ... In what is now Ohio, Illinois, Iowa,Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana, ... Some mounds were built along the ridgeline of hilltops; others were ... Why did they stop? ... Hopewell culture, which has spawned a near cult following among ... A 1.5-mile trail wanders the grounds outside the embankment wall, ...

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The outer portion of the wall is made of dark brown earth, while the inner ... Eagle Mound is a low mound located at the center of the Great Circle. ... saved the Great Circle from destruction by building the county fairgrounds on the site in 1854. ... Ohio Valley: A Guide to Mounds and Earthworks of the Adena, Hopewell, Cole, ...

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This means that people of the Hopewell culture began to build the Great Circle ... This buried the circle of mounds under a dark brown circular enclosure. ... At the end of this stage, the outer surface of the Great Circle would have been dark ... Greenman did not find any bones or ashes in the basin, but it might have been ...

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The Newsletter of Hopewell Archeology in the Ohio River Valley ... To my great pleasure, the conference also included a tour to visit important sites in Wessex and ... are nestled carefully within or outside the massive earthwork and ditchworks. ... It is impossible to imagine Woodland Indians building a mound in this setting.

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... is located in Enon. This mound is believed to have been built by the Adena culture. ... Mound Builders: Map of Adena Hopewell Mounds and Earthworks in Ohio. Save Learn more ..... Top Ten Best Mound and Earthwork Sites in Indiana. Save ..... Why did thousands of ancient people suddenly flock to East St. Louis area?