History. Antiquity. The oldest known leather shoe, about 5500 years old, found .... Many medieval shoes were made using the turnshoe method of construction, ...

The History of Shoes - Inventors -

A history covering both shoes and shoe making machinery. ... 1600-1200 BC) a type of soft shoes were worn by the mountain people who lived on the border of ...

First Shoes Worn 40,000 Years Ago - LiveScience

Jun 5, 2008 ... He found a point in human history where the size of toe bones began to ... Trinkaus has found that humans were probably wearing shoes even ...

10 Facts About the History of Shoes -

Until that time, there was no distinction between shoes made for left or right feet. The first pair of right and left footed shoes were made in Philadelphia. Obviously  ...

The History of Sneakers - Fact Monster

Sneakers go back a long way. In the late 18th century, people wore rubber soled shoes called plimsolls, but they were pretty crude—for one thing, there was no ...

World's Oldest Leather Shoe Found—Stunningly Preserved

Jun 11, 2010 ... "Astonishingly modern" shoe preserved by sheep dung and dryness. ... Previously, the oldest known closed-toe shoes were those belonging to Ötzi, the ... Sandals meanwhile, have an even longer history, with the oldest ...

Shoes in the 1800's

As late as 1850 most shoes were made on absolutely straight lasts, there being no ... Breaking in a new pair of shoes was not easy. There ... SHOE HISTORY

The History of the Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor" Basketball Shoe

In the 1920s, Converse All Stars were made in all black canvas or leather versions. The All Star was to be the first mass produced basketball shoe in North  ...

A Brief History of the Running Shoe | Runner's World

May 12, 2014 ... "A Brief History of the Running Shoe." Illustration by Dan Fuehrer, text by Scott Douglas.

History of Nike Air Jordan Shoes: 1984-2015 - Cardboard Connection

Shoes were just shoes for the first 80 some odd years of the 20th century. Then in the mid-80's, Nike released a pair of shoes featuring a certain ex-Tarheel.

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