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A tipi (also tepee or teepee) is a conical tent, traditionally made of animal skins upon wooden ... Tipis are stereotypically and incorrectly associated with all Native Americans in the United State...

Native American Homes: Wigwams, Longhouses, Tepees, Lodges ...


Pictures and descriptions of different types of Native American Indian homes ... Some tribes were agricultural-- they lived in settled villages and farmed the land for ... Tepees (also spelled Teepees or Tipis) are tent-like American Indian houses ...

Native American History for Kids: The Teepee, Longhouse, and ...


Kids learn about Native American Indian teepee, longhouse, and pueblo homes and dwellings in the United States.

Plains Indians - Teepees, Tipi, Tepee - Native Americans in Olden ...


Native Americans ... A tepee (tipi, teepee) is a Plains Indian home. ... to announce yourself and wait for an invitation to enter a tepee, even if you lived there.

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The size of Indian tepees varies. If migrating with a lot of family members, it only made sense for a particular Native American group to assemble a tepee large ...

Tepee: Native Indian Houses for kids *** - Native Indian Tribes


Description of the Tepee, a Native American Indian shelter and style of house. Discover how the Tepee was built and the Native American tribes who lived in ...

NATIVE AMERICAN HOUSING - Dreams of the Great Earth Changes


The tipi (the Sioux name for house) or conical tent-dwelling of the upper lake and plains region ... They were an agrarian people who lived in log homes (not tee pees) and observed ... Native American life in the Mid-South from early explorers.

Tipis - Texas Beyond History


When you hear the words, "Indian," or "Native American," you probably think of tipis. But, as a matter of fact, most Indians did not live in tipis. Tipis were used ...

Indian Tipi/Tipi History - Wikibooks, open books for an open world


Tipis are stereotypically associated with Native Americans in general, but Native ... The Plains Indians lived in tipis because they are easily disassembled and so ...

BBC - GCSE Bitesize: Why did Native Americans live in tipis?


A secondary school revision resource for GCSE History about school history projects, the American West and the Native American way of life.

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The nomadic Plains Indian tribes used teepees. Plains Indians is a blanket term that includes a number of ... What are some facts about the Southeast Indians?

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Since the Plains Indians followed the buffalo around, they needed shelter they could move quickly. They lived in teepees. A teepee was made from leaning ...

Structures of the Plains Indians


The Plains Indians typically lived in one of the most well known shelters, the ... Native Americans used their structures such as tipis (also spelled teepees or ...