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All U.S. paper currency features portraits of famous, deceased American statesmen on the front. All circulating U.S. coins show the faces of famous people, most of them presidents.
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Several presidents of the United States have appeared on currency. The President of the United States has appeared on official banknotes, coins for circulation, ...


Jul 23, 2010 ... ... "Which coins feature someone other than a United States President ... Denomination, Face on Coin, Image (source: Wikipedia) ... Who, or what, was on the silver dollar when it was a coin that you would see almost every day ...


Presidents on US Coins, from one cent to one dollar including the 50 state ... Each US state received a unique quarter design. ... Picture of penny / picture of cent coin . ... nickel coin head nickel coin tail · Picture of nickel coin . Pictures of both nickel head and tail sides. President on Dime is Franklin D. Roosevelt or FDR.


Presidents dominate our paper currency and our coins as well. It wasn't always this way, at least for coins. Twentieth-century designs include the Mercury dime, ...


Results 1 - 6 of 50 ... The Presidents on Coins of the United States are all deceased. ... In fact, a President of the United States must be deceased for two years ... Keep reading to learn which ones, along with some interesting facts about each:.


I go to school every day except Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 to 3:00. ... $0.50 John F. Kennedy Presidential Seal $1.00 Susan B. Anthony Eagle (in a coin) ... The word "Liberty" is also stamped on each coin to remind us that we live in a ...


Mar 19, 2013 ... Chart of the US currency with presidential portraits that includes the ... 23 US Presidents have appeared on US coin and paper currency (as of ...


Coins. Penny 1¢. Abraham Lincoln 16th U.S. President. The Lincoln Memorial. Nickel 5¢. Thomas Jefferson 3rd U.S. President. Monticello Jefferson's home.


Thomas Jefferson. U.S. Vice President, U.S. Governor, Government Official, Diplomat, U.S. President. (1743–1826). Biography ...