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Illiberal democracy


An illiberal democracy, also called a partial democracy, low intensity ... Conversely, liberal autocracies are regimes with no elections and that are ruled ...

Does India need pure democracy or a mixed system of autocracy ...


Apr 20, 2015 ... Democracy Now Talking about india as a democratic country we all ... Karachi: Which promotes ethnicity more, democracy or autocracy?

Why the United States Should Spread Democracy - Harvard - Belfer ...


After the Cold War ended, promoting the international spread of democracy ... countries may actually hinder efforts to maintain ethnic peace, social stability, and ..... and some autocracies do, but liberal democracies generally are more likely to  ...

Is Democracy the Best Setting For Strong Economic Growth? - WSJ


Mar 13, 2007 ... Do democratic institutions sustain economic growth? ... In others, democratic institutions survive, but there is significant in-fighting between ethnic groups, religious ... been more likely to consolidate democracy or transition from autocracy to ... I like promoting education both because it leads to good political ...

Authoritarianism and Intolerance Under Autocratic and Democratic ...


Stenner's (2005) concern, exemplified in her discussion of the ethnic conflict that ... However, if this were the case, one would expect to see more democracies ... more authoritarian side of the scale, those who favor values which promote social  ...

Insurgency and credible commitment in autocracies and democracies


ethnic fragmentation, that make the population more likely to acquiesce to rebel activity. ... Lack of credibility promotes insurgency in two ways. First .... Like democracies, autocracies vary in their ability to make credible promises to large.

Democracies, Autocracies, and Political Stability


There are many democracies that are prone to electing to government ethnic ..... promote higher levels of political instability and (2) Are autocracies are more ...

"Democracies, Autocracies, & Political Stability" by Rollin F. Tusalem


Does democracy promote political instability? ... Furthermore, recent scholarship has shown that nascent democracies are prone to having ethnic dominant ... Thus, autocracies in the developing world are more prone to political instability ...

SJIR: Racial Politics, Power, and Dominant Party Autocracy in ...


May 24, 2006 ... Malaysia is a dominant party autocracy, similar in structure to ... ethnically uniting alternative, impedes full democratic development. ..... only promotes the institution of hudud to appeal politically to its more radical followers.

Democratization and war - Columbia University


that in this transitional phase of democratization, countries become more aggressive ... to fight wars than are stable democracies or autocracies. .... had hardly been interested in promoting nationalism as a banner of solidarity in their realms. ... Boris Yeltsin and Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev on the defensive on ethnic and ...

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Q: Which promotes ethnicity more, democracy or autocracy?
A: I have a slightly different take. Autocracy does promote ethnicity,... Join Quora for free to read this answer. Connect to FacebookConnected to FacebookConnect ... Read More »
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Growth: Autocracy or democracy? | The Economist


Mar 27, 2013 ... India, today one of the world's most important economies, has been mostly ... In ethnically diverse societies only democracy can work for growth, says .... of the people to encourage some level of solidarity and social cohesion.

The basic similarity between democracy and autocracy - Quora


Dec 4, 2014 ... After 68 years under rule of democracy and reading text from history, ... Karachi: Which promotes ethnicity more, democracy or autocracy?

Is the democracy in India just autocracy in disguise? - Quora


Mar 31, 2015 ... First, that Indian democracy has strayed so far from the British model that it ... Karachi: Which promotes ethnicity more, democracy or autocracy?

European Democracy vs. Asian Autocracy - Social Europe


Sep 10, 2010 ... Development Models Revisited: European Democracy vs. ... Since 1991 Europe has attempted to improve governance by promoting democratisation. ... While dysfunctional democracies reinforce ethnic identities, some benign ... Yet in low- income societies democracy is associated with higher levels of ...