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All Wheat Pennies are worth more than their face value of .01 cent. A good rule of thumb is that they are worth at least 3 or 4 cents even in poor condition, but ...


... circulation as is. Check out the list below, some of these old coins are worth a ton of money. ... 1943 Copper Wheat Penny - Worth $85,782; 3.) Indian Head ...


Nov 29, 2016 ... Looking to see how much your wheat penny is worth? This page lists coin values for Lincoln wheat-back pennies minted from 1909 to 1958.


Here are the rarest wheat pennies, along with the prices and values for these rare Lincoln wheat pennies.


Jul 8, 2017 ... Although Lincoln Wheat pennies are ordinary, there are a few that are valuable. Here you will find a list of key dates, rarities, & varieties.


As I soon learned, some scarce wheat pennies are worth lots of money, and many more Lincoln cents barely register a value above the intrinsic one-cent ...


These 43 pennies found in circulation are worth 1 dollar or more... each! ... All Lincoln wheat pennies made from 1909-1958; All Lincoln Memorial pennies ..... It sounds like something that you believe might make them worth a lot of money?


It may be worth taking a look, because many of the most valuable pennies on this ... 1943-S copper Lincoln Wheat Penny, $185,000 – The 1943-S copper cent is the .... If you are investing money in rare pennies, buy coins that are in the best ...


Wheat Penny coin values year-by-year. Know what your coins are worth.