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Reducing the Risks of Social Media to Your Organization - SANS


In order to mitigate these security risks and still enjoy the benefits of social media ... threats associated with social media and must establish and enforce good ... reshaped the way many companies promote their brands, advertise and ..... There are well-known techniques for creating strong, yet memorizable passwords .

8 Simple Ways to Minimize Online Risk - Entrepreneur


Feb 24, 2015 ... Change social media settings ... VPN stands for “virtual private network,” which is just a fancy way of saying ... from these hackers when out and about, masking your online presence. ... The best way to avoid this is to simply bypass the email and go directly to ... 5 Ways to Reduce Stress for Your Employees.

The Risks of Social Networking - Symantec


mutual interest and gain a method of interaction or information sharing through the ... Therefore it's probably best to include it in the risk scenarios and create a realizable usage policy. ... spammers are taking advantage of the popularity of these networks to design new spamming techniques week ...... help mitigate the risk.

Risk Mitigation Planning, Implementation, and Progress Monitoring ...


Each of these options requires developing a plan that is implemented and ... More information on handling options is discussed under best practices and lessons ... When determining the method for risk mitigation, the MITRE SE can help the ... to reduce risk associated with technology maturity or additional development to ...

Mitigate Your Business's Security Risk - 10 Ways How - EarthLink Blog


Jun 28, 2012 ... Mitigate Your Business's Security Risk10 Ways How ... Most of these organizations don't even have a way of determining how much sensitive ... Install the latest firmware updates on all network devices. 6. .... engines security SEO smartphones social media Social Networking social networks spam tips ...

Social Engineering Attacks: Common Techniques & How to Prevent ...


Nov 7, 2016 ... To uncover some of the most common social engineering attacks being .... What can your company do to prevent being victimized by these ..... There are, however, a few ways to help mitigate the risks while allowing social networks to ... One of the best ways to protect your company from social engineers is ...

4 Ways to Measure Social Media and Its Impact on Your Brand ...


Jun 15, 2010 ... Measure brand awareness through social media exposure, social media influence, ... Unfortunately, as of the writing of this post, some of these metrics have to be ... To mitigate the potential for duplication of users, track growth rate as a ..... Social media is the best way to market your product and services.

How to Reduce Your Organisation's Social Media Security Risk


Sep 3, 2014 ... Is your organisation aware of the risks that social media poses to security? ... In today's post I explain a few techniques for reducing that risk to your organisation. ... access to social networks as part of their jobs, and some will find ways to ... from work; How to limit security risks involved in using social m...

Using social media in education, Part 1: Opportunity, risk, and policy


Dec 20, 2011 ... This article considers the opportunities and risks social media entails ... and engagement are outlined and good practice examples are provided. ... produce innovative teaching methods, thus improving relationships with .... and for these students social media provides a way to tie their more ... Mitigating risk.

A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Social Media Risk and ...


May 23, 2015 ... media usage. We augment these discussions of methods and best practices with practical advice ... approach to managing these social media risks more ... In the financial services industry, other ways in which social .... themselves on Twitter® as the Associated .... Cost-effective risk mitigation/transfer.

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Five common insider threats and how to mitigate them


This tip explains five common insider threats and offers tips for mitigating them. ... The only effective methods I've found for this is to use a P2P firewall at the ... include sensitive information and file attachments that put your organization at risk. ... in HTTP and e-mail communications at the network perimeter is the best w...

5 Threats To Your Security When Using Social Media | SocialTimes


Nov 18, 2013 ... Social networking has changed the way we interact with friends and associates. ... play a significant role in our lives, they are also a high risk for security threats. With hundreds of millions of users online, these tools not only attract ... Likely, your mother's maiden name will be associated with that tag now.

social media risks and mitigation - Financial Services Roundtable


may be challenged given the ways in which these technologies are deployed. For financial ... SOCIAL MEDIA RISKS, RISK SCENARIOS AND MITIGATION ... Raise general awareness of best practices for protecting privacy on social media sites .... For example, NASD/FINRA 3110 and associated SEC 17a-4 identify.