Did you mean: Who Are Romney's Advisors On Fiscal And Monetary Policy?
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Arthur Betz Laffer is an American economist who first gained prominence during the Reagan administration as a member of Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory ... Laffer references President Clinton'...

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... behind Republican and Democratic approaches to economic, fiscal and/or monetary policy? ... Who are Romney's advisors on fiscal and monetary policy?

Romney Bashing Bernanke Rejects Mankiw's Monetary Views ...


Sep 30, 2012 ... Mitt Romney is shunning the monetary policy views of one of his top advisers, ... Romney Bashing Bernanke Rejects Adviser Mankiw's Views .... or a series of fiscal measures that pile on debt bequeathed to future generations.

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Oct 3, 2014 ... Learn how monetary policy refers to bank actions to control interest rates and money supply, while fiscal policy refers to taxes and government ...

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May 25, 2012 ... Mitt Romney is promising to get unemployment down to 6 percent by the end of his first ... economists ever to sit on the Council of Economic Advisers. ... Twist those knobs labeled fiscal policy and monetary policy, and you can ...

The Romney Program for Economic Recovery ... - Brad DeLong


Aug 7, 2012 ... Yes, Mitt Romney Appears Scary-Clueless of Many Things. ... the government, for more expansionary fiscal and monetary policies to ...... I cannot for the life of me understand why Obama's advisors can't load his ammo better.

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Jun 10, 2013 ... Kevin Hassett advocates a variety of policies to help the long-term unemployed. ... Why a Romney economic adviser wants the government to just hire people. The inside track .... Is there anything you think monetary policy can do to help correct this? This is ... I think the best thing we can do is fiscal policy.

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Oct 23, 2012 ... When President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney make their ... kind of stimulative fiscal policy next year that many economists recommend. .... argues Jared Bernstein, a former Obama administration economic adviser. ... then loose monetary policy can be a vital cushion against recession.

Merk Insights - Monetary Cliff?


Oct 24, 2012 ... If Romney were to be elected, a front-runner for the Fed Chairman post is Glenn Hubbard, Dean of Columbia Business School and a top economic adviser to Romney. ... It will no doubt add uncertainty to monetary policy and increase ... is likely to face a “monetary policy cliff” in addition to the “fiscal cliff”.

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Sep 25, 2012 ... And, that said, Bush's fiscal policies were not the culprit. ... having done a stint as chairman of the council of economic advisers under Bush, gets it. .... Romney's economic team understands the need for monetary reform.

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Aug 4, 2012 ... Romney economic adviser Glenn Hubbard apparently has a very short ... Granted, tax uncertainty has been bad -- but so has monetary policy uncertainty. ... examined 173 cases of fiscal retrenchment over the past 30 years.

The Fed's Real Fear--Losing Its Independence | The Fiscal Times


Sep 4, 2012 ... Critics also contend the Fed's loose monetary policy has made it easier ... Comments from Romney advisor Martin Feldstein, also attending the ...

Glenn Hubbard: The Romney Plan for Economic Recovery - WSJ


Aug 1, 2012 ... As a consequence, uncertainty over policy—particularly over tax and ... of federal debt—including his own bipartisan National Commission on Fiscal ... When bolstered by sound trade, education, energy and monetary policy, the Romney reform program is expected by the governor's economic advisers to ...