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Decorating elves work magic for house tour
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'Elves' protest Walmart wages
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Elf (Middle-earth)


In J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium, Elves are one of the races that inhabit a fictional Earth, often called Middle-earth, and set in the remote past. They appear in ...

Elves - Lord of the Rings Wiki - Wikia


The Elves were the first and eldest of the Children of Ilúvatar and are considered to be the...

A History of Elves - LiveScience


Sep 16, 2013 ... Elves have been a popular subject in fiction for centuries, and there are several types of elves.

Realelvish.net - Elven Races


Jan 2, 2009 ... Elves are all pretty people with pretty hair and pretty eyes and pretty bodies and pretty fortune telling telepathic powers and pretty neat magic ...

The Elven Race (Styreians) - The Santharian Dream


One of the main Caelerethian races, which has by far the smallest number of population compared with the human, dwarven or orcish races, are the elves.

Elven Life cycle - Tolkien Gateway


Aug 12, 2015 ... Owing to their longevity, the Elves had a very different Life cycle than Men. Most of the following information strictly refers only to the Eldar—but ...

Elven Characteristics - Tolkien Gateway


The Elves were the fairest creatures in Arda, a far more beautiful race than Men, and generally tall (about six feet). Among them, those who had gone to Valinor ...

Q: Why Did the Elves Leave Middle-earth? - Middle-earth & JRR ...


Sep 22, 2011 ... ANSWER: The Elves were compelled to leave Middle-earth by a spiritual summons of the Valar, calling them to their ultimate destinies within ...

The Grey Havens - Elves: Of Elves


For those who're new to the works of Tolkien, a description of the Elves in general may be appropriate. They are as tall as Men, and often taller. Of all living ...

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A: Elves (ancient-icelandic alfar) are humanlike supernatural creatures in European mythology, spirits or minor Gods of nature. According to the most legends, they... Read More »
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