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During a divorce, there is often quite a bit of controversy over the marital home. The family home is sometimes the most valuable asset in a divorce. In addition to  ...

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Find out how New York courts decide who gets to keep property when you divorce. ... then the increase in that house's value is marital property because it comes ...

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Oct 14, 2011 ... However, in New York, unless and until one of you gets a court order ... other to leave a home that you own jointly while the divorce is pending.

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The experienced family law attorneys at Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. explain who get the house in a New York divorce. Call today to learn more.

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State law governs property ownership and asset division during a divorce. Your state will ... A court will look at several factors to decide who gets the house.

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If you plan to keep the house forever, then asking for it in the divorce makes more sense than if you plan to live ..... I hope your wife gets everything she asks for.

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Deciding who gets the house in divorce involves more than determining who wants to stay and who wants to leave.

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Find out what to avoid during the divorce process and how to get divorced when it ... Typically, the person who is awarded custody of the children gets the house.

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Sep 1, 2016 ... Women often want to make sure they get the house in divorce. ... As this site gets going I hope there will be plenty of material for all moms ...

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Dividing Property and Debt During Divorce FAQ ... If, however, you don't have children and you own the house together, this question gets tricky. Neither of you  ...