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A wedgie occurs when a person's nether underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks. While a wedgie can be created naturally, the term is usually associated with a prank or as a f...

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hi Take this survey! who has seen you in your underwear have you received a wedgie before if so what kind where have you received a wedgie before have you. ... messy; squeaky clean; uterly undies; snug wedgie; flag pole; other comment ...

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Nov 4, 2012 ... Hey guys! This is the link for my messy wedgie! m.youtube.com/watch?v= ZW6RQKsuRsl Hope you enjoy !

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Dec 26, 2015 ... All three boys seemed to have white underwear sticking out, a name on ... and you spray the cream inside, making a messy hanging wedgie.

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After the quiz you must stay in a hanging wedgie for the time you get. ... What wedgie is your favourite to receive? A. ... Messy. 5. What'syour favourite wedgie to give? A. Normal. B. Melvin. C. ... We have sent an email with your new password.

17 Gross Things Women Have to Deal With During Our Periods ...


Dec 18, 2014 ... Sure, it's great to know that no rogue sperms have made first contact with ... But mostly, they are a messy, expensive, painful slow-motion .... If you're going to complain about pads, complain about the pad wedgies! Agonizing Boob Pain. Nothing comes out of or gets stuck to your boobs during your period, ....

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There are many different wedgies there is the normal,Melvin,flagpole,handing, messy,superman,propeller,doorknob and so many more so do you want to find out ...

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Jul 14, 2015 ... Others have taken this move and started crafting some supremely kick ... They have become fun moves to mess around with after such a messy ...

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Then he gave me a jock lock wedgie. It wasn't 2 bad but then he started tickling me so i was squirming. Then he gave me a messy wedgie with toothpaste, ...

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Jun 13, 2016 ... Erika had never once received a wedgie, but had given plenty to her brothers ... by pain, as she was receiving a messy wedgie from her own mother. ... cube one by one, Beverly squealing as her ass gets colder and colder.

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Oct 28, 2012 ... What about messy wedgies? ... Tons of candy gets tossed around during Halloween. ... Not as messy as the Milky Way but still squishable.