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Cultural impact of the Beatles - Wikipedia


The cultural impact of the Beatles includes many effects on popular music and fashion. After the .... Florida during the 1960s, is quoted mentioning the Beatles' appearance on the Ed Sullivan Sh...

history - Who influenced The Beatles? - Music Fans Stack Exchange


Feb 25, 2015 ... A lot of bands and musicians say one of their biggest influence musically was The Beatles and contribute the founding of rock and roll to them.

Ten artists and bands that inspired The Beatles | Music | Reader's ...


Countless musicians and bands have named The Beatles as their inspiration, but who were the bands and artists who inspired John, Paul, George and Ringo?

10 Little-Known Songs That Directly Inspired Beatles Classics - VH1


Feb 9, 2014 ... As the Beatles' beloved songs have influenced generations of songwriters, we've decided to celebrate this special day by taking a look at the ...

Elvis Presley influences The Beatles - Beatles History


The Beatles were influeced by Elvis Presley and other American performers. They combined black and white music into their own style.

The Beatles Music Influences | MTV


The Beatles Music Influences. ... Artist Influences for The Beatles. influences. Similar · Followers. influences. Similar · Followers · The Beatles Bio | The Beatles  ...

The Beatles Influences - Shmoop


Shmoop list of Hey Jude influences. Who influenced The Beatles and who was influenced by Hey Jude?

Who influenced the Beatles in their era? - NZQA


The Beatles earliest influences can be seen in the form of the likes of Cliff Richard and ... Buddy Holly was another influence on the sound of the Beatles naming.

The Beatles | Reason to Rock


The Beatles began by studying a broad set of musical influences, including early Rock and Roll, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Country & Western, girl groups, Phil ...

How Jazz May Have Influenced The Beatles - All About Jazz


Sep 30, 2009 ... How Jazz May Have Influenced The Beatles jazz article by AAJ Staff, published on September 30, 2009 at All About Jazz. Find more Profiles ...

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The Beatles - Influences and Musics - Liverpool


How the Beatles influenced music and musicians, not only in the 60's but also today.

Top 11 Musicians Influenced By the Beatles | - Rock Cellar Magazine


Feb 5, 2014 ... February marks the 50<sup>th</sup> anniversary of the arrival in America of the Beatles, the group that changed the landscape of the music industry.

Top 10 Musicians Influenced By The Beatles - Signature Living


Jul 29, 2014 ... How many of you felt inspired to pick up an instrument after one listen to The Beatles? Well, that's certainly what happened to these legendary ...