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Boxing is a combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each ...... champions Sugar Ray Leonard, and Kid Gavilan. Middleweight champion Ceferino Garcia is regarded as...

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The first documented "boxing match" took place in 1681 in Britian when the Duke of Albemarle engineered a bout between his butler and his butcher.

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Jack Brownton was recognized as the 'Father of Boxing'. He opened a training gym to coach his followers. He also invented 'mufflers', the first boxing gloves, ...

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History Of Boxing, Boxing In US, Boxing Events and Categories. ... In 1902, a London dentist by the name Jack Marles invented the first mouth guard for boxers .

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The sport of boxing also became quite popular in ancient Rome, where gladiators ... A: Members of the Jewish religion invented school, although the concept of ...

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Boxing is a martial art and combat sport which consists of two people who fight with their fists. Boxing is usually supervised by a referee and is separated.

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Boxing History. Boxing. Boxing, often called "the manly art of self-defense," is a sport in which two competitors try to hit each other with their glove-encased fists ...

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Mar 19, 2011 ... The history of boxing was first associated with the Egyptians where carvings of fist fighting's between two people were found of 3rd and 2nd ...

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May 29, 2010 ... You might aswell ask who invented the jab, or the peek-a-boo stance. ... cheers to you for the great threads in the boxing history section you ...

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Boxing in the ancient world has many similarities to the sport today though it is fair to say it was usually a lot more brutal. However this did nothing to stop people  ...