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eBay Inc is a multinational e-commerce corporation, facilitating online consumer- to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. It is headquartered in San Jose, ...


eBay started in 1995 as an idea for collectors to buy and sell Pez dispensers. Founder, Pierre Omidyar began eBay as a favor to his girlfriend.


Explore our rich 21-year history through this interactive timeline.


The History of eBay. eBay was founded in Pierre Omidyar's San Jose living room back in September 1995. It was from the start meant to be a marketplace for the ...


Oct 18, 2013 ... In 2006, Pierre Omidyar, the founder and chairman of eBay, moved to Hawaii. He bought a 5800-square-foot beachfront home in the upmarket ...


Aug 7, 2010 ... As the world's largest marketplace, eBay has hundreds of millions of listings live at any given moment. Since its founding in 1995, the company ...


May 14, 2014 ... Legend has it that Pierre Omidyar's founding of eBay was inspired by a Pez dispenser. Learn more at Biography.com.


May 23, 2016 ... If you know who invented eBay please write your answer in the comment section. If you know when was eBay invented be free to write it too.


The eBay founder just wanted to impress his girlfriend. Instead he revolutionized ... 10 Things You Didn't Realize Were Invented in the 1970s. Continue to Next ...


eBay: The First 10 Years. Yes, you read that correctly: ten years. eBay was created in September 1995, by a man called Pierre Omidyar, who was living in San ...